What is good to do at home business? What are the home business side projects?

Working from home to earn money has become a reality thanks to the significant changes brought about by Internet technology. It offers greater flexibility and more room for choice.

Many home side businesses can be operated entirely online, in a variety of forms that are increasingly convenient and efficient. So, what are the most profitable home side businesses that you can have in your free time from work? Now let’s go on a journey of discovery!

1. Buy products in bulk and sell them online

Many side hustles focus on the simple operation of importing products in bulk and selling them individually for a profit. Perhaps you recently traveled abroad and stumbled upon a unique product that is not readily available in your area, but for which there is a great demand.

Or, perhaps you have entered a niche market and know the ideal way to serve it. Either way, if these products are relatively easy to store and ship, then you can implement a home-based business idea.

2. Sell homemade products

If you enjoy creating, consider turning this hobby into a side business. Even if you have to create products in your studio, commercial kitchen or elsewhere in your workshop, you can store and sell them in your own home. When you can control all aspects of the products you sell, you can tailor them to market needs to make them more cost effective, improve quality or cater to a specific audience.

Josh Pigford already had a thriving home business in a business analytics startup, but he wanted to find a way to get creative. He started using a 3D printer to print juicy growers at home – and a side business was born.

3. Open a direct sales store

So far, we’ve covered a few business ideas that require you to stock your inventory at home. However, there are many online businesses that don’t have to worry about inventory and shipping. These businesses use a direct sales model where a third party manufactures, stores and ships the product and you are primarily responsible for marketing and customer service.

Children’s brand Finer & Dandy is an example of a home-based side business that uses direct sales. Courtney White started the company to find a way to make money online without spending too much time providing services to customers.

4. Start a print-on-demand business

Using a similar direct sales model, a print-on-demand business doesn’t require you to hold inventory or ship items. Print on demand can even offer you greater flexibility to customize white label products with your own creative designs.

Rebecca Lee Funk founded the clothing brand The Outrage, which sells print-on-demand t-shirt designs from her home. Her launch events were quite popular and The Outrage is now a thriving e-commerce business.

You can also sell many other print-on-demand products: books, hats, backpacks, blankets, pillows, mugs, shoes, hoodies, phone cases, watches, etc., depending on the partner you choose.

5. Provide web services

The service is even easier than selling products from home, but the challenge is to allocate limited time. “Time is money” has never been truer than when you run a service-based business.

Creative professionals like designers or marketers may consult with other companies, deal with multiple clients and often work on their own home side projects on occasion. Others may operate on a booking basis to provide services directly to individuals.

As with a product-based business, you don’t necessarily need a large number of clients to do well. Depending on the services you offer, some quality clients are good enough to provide you with full-time support while working from home.

Chris Carey, one of the founders of MAPerformance, started his auto parts and service business from the comfort of his home. He started by teaching car maintenance and repair tips to online users on a forum. After building a professional impression and trust, people started going to his e-commerce site to buy parts.

If you have a teachable skill, then you can not only share that knowledge on a forum to make a name for yourself, but you can also turn it into an online course. Whether it’s English as a second language, advanced marketing or everyday home repair skills, the audience needs almost any skill required.

Not only do you have the flexibility to teach from the comfort of your home, but you can also choose to offer live or pre-recorded instruction and training. For example, you may offer live sessions at a premium price, while clients can purchase recorded sessions at a discount. Either way, teaching online is a profitable home-based side business because it requires a low overhead – just an investment in time.

7. Productize your services or expertise

As we just discussed, one of the biggest drawbacks of running a service-based business is that you are paid strictly for your time, skills and efforts. Emily Newman of If I Made made her knowledge into a digital course, packaging her live recordings and selling them for a lower price.

“Productizing” your services can add revenue to your business. You can cater to your current customer base or even find new target customers in the same space.

Gabriella and Andrew Morrison started a home side business by packaging their expertise in small home living. They sell classes and programs on Tiny House Build and StrawBale to run a side business from the comfort of their home.

8. Buy an existing e-commerce business

If you’re more interested in investing in a source of income that you can maintain at home or on the go, consider buying an established e-commerce company. Prices can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors, including total revenue generated, potential profits, available assets, inventory, etc. Some sellers will even teach you how to run your store.

9. Paid knowledge programs

Paid knowledge is also one of the hottest internet ventures right now. It started in 2016 and after five years of development, it has become a well-developed Internet venture. Knowledge payment now mainly refers to the phenomenon that the recipient of knowledge pays money for the knowledge he reads. Instead of allowing those involved in the knowledge dissemination chain to gain revenue through other means such as traffic or advertising, knowledge payment allows the recipients of knowledge to indirectly pay the disseminators and screeners of knowledge.

Unlike other projects, those are playing on other people’s platforms and are subject to a lot of rules and uncertainties. Our knowledge payment project is completely self-built platform system, everything is controlled by ourselves, and the income is all our own. Just like the micro-class project I am doing now, it also belongs to the category of knowledge payment. The most important thing is that it can realize unattended fully automated operation, create personal IP, form brand effect, and become a real automated money-making machine. Its finished product is the following look.

10. Play video games

Although many people may think that playing video games is a waste of time, but it is actually a hobby that can bring profits. There’s nothing more comfortable than sitting on the couch in front of the TV. Streaming platforms like Twitch have opened the door for gamers to gain fame and even money from their talents. The esports industry alone is worth over $1.5 billion, and Twitch live shows can attract up to 100,000 viewers at a time.

So, how can you profit from this? Sponsorship is one of the best ways to start a home-based competitive gaming business. Companies will pay you to play the game and stream it to listeners. I’m Niu Weiwei, WeChat public number: Niu Niu micro-class Follow me to share more dry goods and take you to break into a future!




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