Cold business project of the 10 best network application ideas

Today, you can access the Internet from almost anywhere, no matter where you are. this ubiquitous network makes it easier for ordinary people to solve problems and opens up huge business opportunities. The modern marketplace offers a plethora of useful websites designed to solve a variety of tasks. Therefore, when you start a startup company, you will no longer face any problems with technical implementation – just find a promising enough idea. So, what exactly are the best cold start-ups? Enter our list of the top 10 best web app ideas right now!

1. Niche Community

Almost everyone has a hobby of their own. You can develop a web application to bring people with common interests together, as it usually happens on social networks, for example, groups that like cycling, DIY, portrait photography. The main purpose is to target a narrow segment of the market, which will be your competitive advantage in terms of positioning.

2. Fast consulting services

There has always been a need for professional consulting services. For a web application, this idea means that you will create a counterpart of Quora, but focused on paid advice. The platform should bring people who need help from experts in different fields, who are ready to provide advice. The idea is simple, but it may eventually grow into a successful startup.

3. Home buying guidance service

Anyone who has ever had problems buying real estate knows how difficult it is to find the right property. This is especially true if you have a limited budget and you need to buy an apartment or house for your family to live in. The essence of the Web project idea is to enable real estate buyers to select properties that match the various parameters they specify. However, you must focus on the main markets. This way, you can more easily estimate the available offers and get information directly from the developers.

4. On-demand services

This category includes meal delivery, house cleaning, home repair and many other types of services. In addition, there is still a free barrier here. Although large companies are not interested in this market, it may be large enough for you. Gather your wits and brainstorm, and you’ll likely find a promising free Niche niche.

5. Swap with others

Let’s say you have a great bike, but for some reason you don’t use it while it sits unused in the corner of the closet. You would be happy to swap it for an electric scooter suitable for your child. With a website that allows you to swap things with others, you can arrange this trade without any problem. Consider starting an MVP that interacts with your town, city or even region!

6. Customized products

Imagine having your own platform. But for artisans who make handmade items, when a purchaser selects a product from the available offers, the customer can place pictures or post a description of the desired item instead of the usual model. The artisan will provide suggestions to make the correct object or offer a similar off-the-shelf product.

7. Subscribe to educational courses

Currently, online education is a fad, a necessity and a good business opportunity. However, not everyone can afford courses as they are usually expensive. You can develop educational startups based on a subscription model. Such a platform may become valuable because it can provide training and educational opportunities on any topic at low cost when customers need them.

8. Niche directories or marketplaces

Directories and marketplace sites are always popular and remain relevant. The same applies to marketplaces, as they have a similar model: information from different providers in one place. Such sites are very convenient for users because they can find all the necessary information in one place. At the same time, startup owners can make money, sell ads, use freemium models and resort to other profit-making methods.

9. Fee-based information/strong>

The essence of the Web application is to provide paid access to valuable content for a specific audience. A good example is Statista, which is a web portal that provides monetary statistics for free. In addition, it may be important information about legislative changes, vendor databases, some sort of closed club, etc.

10. Make an app for alcoholic beverage lovers

Millions of book lovers know the Goodreads website and the demand for its services is so huge mainly because of the huge number of reviews, rankings and recommendation systems. What about making a similar web application for wine and other alcoholic beverage lovers? What do you think about this idea?


There is already a huge number of web applications available on the Internet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t invent something new to start your company. We hope that this list has been useful for you, or that you would like to use the projects mentioned in this article. Many of these web application ideas can make people’s lives easier and be the backbone of a successful business venture.




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