Recommendation Form for University Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Projects

Self-employment is not a side hustle. It requires creativity, the ability to take on challenges to innovate, explore business opportunities, develop ideas and translate them into profitable endeavors in creative ways. Successful entrepreneurship revolves around innovation, organization, planning, and execution.

Entrepreneurship programs for college students can be used as a tool to assess the potential of these they have to become young entrepreneurs. In addition to this, college students can learn the value of hard work and determination, and how to focus on setting goals and work towards achieving them.

College students need to strengthen their innate entrepreneurial skills by honing their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. According to the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, “Entrepreneurial skills such as creative problem solving and collaboration are important for academic success.” A large body of literature demonstrates this. This does not mean that every college student must start a business. Extensive research shows that entrepreneurial skills overlap with non-cognitive skills, just like other aspects of education. Exposure to entrepreneurial skills increases self-efficacy, achievement orientation, risk-taking tendencies and problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and enhances personal financial management skills.

Innovative Entrepreneurial Projects for College Students.
Social Media Marketing

Using social media networks as tools, college students can apply small skills to small businesses and offer services to create, manage and maintain blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for substantial pay.

School event promoters

From college sports to prom planning, college students have ample opportunities to market themselves. Not only that, but college students can assemble teams of professional promoters who will help entrepreneurs design and coordinate events so they can focus on their business activities.

Food Truck Business

It is a great idea to open a food truck at your school or in your town. This delivery, similar to a restaurant business, relies heavily on a network of helpers from farms to local earning houses that are necessary for the business to thrive.

Pay-for-knowledge programs

Pay for knowledge is also one of the hottest Internet ventures right now. It started in 2016 and after five years of development, it has become a well-developed Internet windfall project. What exactly is knowledge payment? Knowledge payment currently refers to the phenomenon that the recipient of knowledge pays money for the knowledge he or she has read.

Knowledge payment allows knowledge recipients to indirectly pay knowledge disseminators and screeners, rather than allowing those involved in the knowledge dissemination chain to gain revenue through other means such as traffic or advertising.

The representative platforms in this field include Zhihu, Himalaya, Netease Cloud Classroom, Tencent Classroom, Baidu Library and so on. Of course, these are the platforms of network bigwigs, but what I am going to talk about here is the knowledge payment platform we created ourselves.

Unlike the previous ShakeYin short video and WeChat public number projects, those are playing on other people’s platforms and will be restricted by a lot of platform rules and have a lot of uncertainty. Our knowledge payment project is completely self-built platform system, everything is controlled by ourselves, and the income is all our own.

Just like the micro-class project I am doing now, it also belongs to the category of knowledge payment. The most important thing is that it can realize unattended fully automated operation, create personal IP, form brand effect, and then become a real automated money-making machine. Its finished product is the following look.

Jewelry design

Fashionistas with a passion for creative endeavors can hire kids with the same passion and make trinkets. The created pieces can then be sold online or at flea markets.

Selling Artwork

Young artists can start a handmade soap or filibuster art business and grow like professionals by hiring the same experts.

Problem solving

The ability to solve problems is the most fashionable and most desired. The ability to identify problems and provide solutions is at the heart of Marketability. Once a solution has been identified, try to find ways to reach out to others with the same needs. Good solutions are indeed entrepreneurial opportunities.

It’s never too early to get the idea of innovation and entrepreneurship into the minds of college students. The main motto of the entrepreneurship program is to tap into the hidden talents of college students and guide them to become the best entrepreneurs they can be. Happy entrepreneurship!




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