The hottest Internet business projects of online business what is a good project?

Since last year, due to the epidemic, many brick-and-mortar stores have closed down, and the sound of wailing is everywhere, and the brick-and-mortar business has suffered an unprecedented heavy blow. So, many people have turned their attention to the Internet, hoping to make a big splash in the new field.


Here, I have to splash cold water, the Internet is actually very deep water, not that has entered to make a lot of money, can be successful. Many people are confused to get involved in the network business, do not understand the rules and methods, lack appropriate skills, blindly dry, in the end, or hit the head, nothing, and back to the old way.

The Internet is always evolving and changing. As people in the industry or people who want to deepen the development of the Internet field, the first thing to do is to constantly learn to think and summarize, master the basic skills, through the practice of continuous improvement and optimization, in order to form a unique vision and the ability to grasp the trend, in order to occupy a place in the colorful and complex network market.


Because the opportunity is always fleeting, unprepared people can not catch it, and when you see, may have passed the dividend period, the chances of success are almost zero.

In this way, such as Internet business can still do? The answer is yes. Internet entrepreneurship can be done in any period, just in different forms and methods. Each period or stage has some windfall and development trends.

For example early 2011 – the battle of social, the birth of WeChat; 2012-2013 – the full penetration of the Internet of life, the creation of; 2014-2016 – – Live streaming, the battle of sharing, the rise of Douyu, Panda, and Hu Ya; 2017-2018 – the battle of a short video, the popularity of Jitterbug, etc.

They all represent some of the popular trends and trends of the Internet, a real windfall, if you can grasp in time, is the pig can also fly. After all, the threshold of the real economy today is getting higher and higher, the popular areas are the world of big brother monopoly, individuals, without strong financial strength and a very deep background, who want to succeed and the sky is difficult.

On the contrary, the Internet is a relatively fair field, so ordinary people have more opportunities and options, perhaps good creative ideas, perhaps some unique experience skills, perhaps unique skills, are likely to let you through the network business and get great success.

So, what are the hottest Internet business projects now? Those large projects or high-tech industries will not say, the average person can not play. Just say some of the hottest light assets or zero-cost Internet business projects.

A, shake the short video

In comparison, Jitterbug is one of the fairest short video products. As long as your short video quality is high, the audience likes, even if you are a most ordinary person, have the possibility of bursting into popularity. The following brother is a cell phone clip with more than 100 funny videos, it has gained more than 500,000 fans’ attention, and this operation is not difficult, a little learning can do.

Once you have a large number of fans, you can make money through live with goods, take advertising, hanging small programs, content cooperation, and income as little as 20-30,000 per month, more than a million ranging, better than working N times. Now is a time of diversity that highlights the personality, as long as you have the characteristics and strengths, are unlimited opportunities and options, so you can make a big show, achieve your ideal pursuit, and live the life you want.

Second, the WeChat public number

WeChat public number is also one of the hottest Internet ventures nowadays. Like Niu Niu micro-class, A Guo network essay, business opportunities, etc. are doing very well. The public number when the accumulation of 500 fans, you can open the traffic master, to get advertising to show the income.

Of course, the amount of revenue, or depends on the size of the fans and reading volume, if you have 1 million accurate fans, advertising revenue alone is 100,000 + per month. This does not include the income of advertising cooperation from businesses looking for you. The prospect of a good public number operation is unlimited.

At the same time, this is also a very simple Internet entrepreneurial project, you need to do is to register a WeChat public number, and constantly write a specific Niche theme of high-quality articles, to attract the attention of fans can, without the need for particularly advanced optimization skills.

Three, the knowledge payment project.

Knowledge payment is also one of the hottest Internet startups nowadays. It started in 2016 and after five years of development, it has become a well-developed Internet venture. What exactly is knowledge payment? Knowledge payment currently refers to the phenomenon that the recipient of knowledge pays money for the knowledge he or she has read.

Knowledge payment allows knowledge recipients to indirectly pay knowledge disseminators and screeners, rather than allowing those involved in the knowledge dissemination chain to gain revenue through other means such as traffic or advertising.

The representative platforms in this field are Zhihu, Himalaya, Netease Cloud Classroom, Tencent Classroom, Baidu Library, and so on. Of course, these are the platforms of network bigwigs, but what I am going to talk about here is the knowledge payment platform we created ourselves.

Unlike the previous ShakeYin short video and WeChat public number projects, those are playing on other people’s platforms and will be restricted by a lot of platform rules and have a lot of uncertainty. Our knowledge payment project is a completely self-built platform system, everything is controlled by ourselves, and the income is all our own.

Just like the micro-class project I am doing now, it also belongs to the category of knowledge payment. The most important thing is that it can realize unattended fully automated operations, create personal IP, form brand effect, and then become a real automated money-making machine. The finished product is the following look.

Finally, the selected business project should be persistent implementation. Perhaps, the first two months or six months without any effect, but also grit their teeth and persist until the moment of success. Three days to sunbathe, and two days to fish is not good to do.

If you don’t have this persistent and relentless struggle, don’t waste your energy. Success belongs to people who are prepared, persistent, driven, and resilient. Are you one of them? I’m Niu Weiwei, WeChat public number: Niu Niu micro-class Follow me to share more dry goods and take you to break out a future!




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