It’s all about Calling It a Day with Confidence – Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

When it comes to planning for future, you will find a very few people taking the matter seriously. If you hope to witness a different picture for retirement plan, you will come in for surprising frustration. Several studies have been conducted in this regard and suggest that most of the people hang up their coats and boots without being fully confident of their retirement.

Retirement Planning

Studies reveal further that majority of people consider that taking retirement at the ripe of age of 60 or more is not a realistic idea as there will be not much of time to enjoy life. Some are in favor of getting the age of retirement extended while many think that they need to live a frugal life after retirement.

Some people like my father wanted early retirement as they are in favor of enjoying their life more with their family. These people are very confident about their retirement but the rest lack in this ‘confidence’ factor.

Retirement never means end of life

Whether the retirement age is 60 or 65, it is not a full stop to your life. Unfortunately for many, a retired person is just like a fading star and left to count for days before kissing goodbye to this world.

After government offices extend retirement age to 65, most of the people have a mixed feeling. On one hand, they are happy that they now get a longer time to build up their nest egg. On other hand, they wear a weary look as they think there will be a little gap between the end of those years of grind and then death.

As health becomes a hazard in sunset years and everyone wishes to live longer, they want to earn as much as they can to enjoy happy sailing after retirement.

My father’s case is a different one. He took volunteer retirement even when he had five years to go before natural end of his professional career. He is workaholic but never likes grinding at the traditional workplace. So, it was easy for him to give up his job voluntarily after he found it hard to continue working with head held high.

My case is more different as I work as a freelance content writer. As I am my own employer, so there is no fixed retirement age. As long as I will enjoy my work, I will continue working. However, I want to amass more as I am reluctant to do a big compromise with my present lifestyle when I will be working no more.

I’m confident, are you?

Confidence in regards to taking retirement is closely linked with your confidence and stability of present financial status. If you are comfortable now and confident about building up your financial muscle in future, it is more likely that you will be able to take retirement on a more optimistic note.

If you live your life on a first lane – that forces you to spend beyond your ability – it is more likely you will be left with little money to maintain the same lifestyle after retirement. If you are frugal despite earning a handsome package, you will be left with little time to enjoy what you have set aside so far. Balance is important but then only a few can do it in a nice way.

Retirement Planning




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