Using Credit Card Points to Pay for Honeymoon

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You understandably want your honeymoon to be a magical, once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you are like many couples planning a honeymoon, you need to pay close attention to the bottom line. Money is an object that requires close attention.

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One strategy that you should think about utilizing is credit card points. The possibility exists that you will be able to pay for your honeymoon with accumulated credit card points. Specifically, you may be able to pay for airfare and hotel accommodations associated with your honeymoon.

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More Than One Credit Card May be Necessary

Credit cards have limitations on point accumulation. Therefore, you may need to take advantage of the point programs on more than one credit card.

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You do not want to accumulate unnecessary credit card debt in the process of accumulating points. However, by coordinating the use of more than one credit card, you can take full advantage of the point programs available with these card options.

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Take Advantage of Credit Card SignUp Bonus Points

The key to being able to more fully take advantage of credit card points to pay for your honeymoon is to take advantage of sign-up bonus points. There are credit cards on the market that offer a consumer a great boost in points via an initial signup bonus.

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Taking advantage of credit card sign-up bonus points necessitates planning on your part. It also requires you to have decent credit which permits you the ability to establish a new credit card account.

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Nonetheless, with planning and decent credit, opening a new credit card account in anticipation of a wedding and honeymoon can provide you with a solid foundation in bonus credits that can launch you to accumulate enough points to underwrite the costs of your honeymoon.

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Check Out Credit Cards Tied to Hotel Properties

Another step you will want to take when it comes to planning to use credit card points for your honeymoon is to focus on a card option connected with a chain of hotel properties. As is the case with using credit card points to pay for your honeymoon more generally, research and planning are necessary.


Make an early decision about the hotel or hotels you would like to utilize while on your honeymoon. Make the determination with an eye to a property or properties with an association with a credit card. By taking this course, you will likely be able to accumulate necessary credit card points and obtain other financially beneficial bonuses associated with the particular type of credit card.

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Specific Credit Cards and Strategies

When it comes to plotting a luxurious honeymoon, and developing an action plan to use credit card points to foot some or all of the bill, the Chase Hyatt Card oftentimes tops the list.

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In a nutshell, if both parties to the couple planning to wed each obtain a Chase Hyatt Card, they jointly accumulate signup bonuses in the amount of about $4,000. Each individual obtains a two-night free stay at nearly any Hyatt property, together with other benefits.

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Combined, these bonuses provide a honeymooning couple with four free nights at a Hyatt property, and other benefits and amenities. This opens the door to permitting a couple the opportunity for a truly luxurious honeymoon at properties the world over.


As part of an overall strategy to use credit card points to fund a honeymoon, the use of credit cards to cover hotel costs can be integrated with credit cards that optimize airline travel miles. The top cards, as far as the generous accumulation of airline points are:

• Capital One Venture Award Card• Chase Sapphire Preferred Card• Bank of America Travel Rewards Credit Card• Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard

Each of these cards maintains user-friendly websites that detail the manner in which airline points generously are awarded and delineate the other benefits that accrue through the use of these cards.

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By planning ahead, both parties of the couple heading to the altar can make responsible, but heavier, use of airline mile cards to accumulate enough points to defray the costs associated with honeymoon transport.

Lending Tree, the internet lending exchange that connects consumers with a variety of financing and credit options, has established The website offers couples interested in using credit card points to fund their honeymoons with comparative data on different credit cards.




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