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The one thing you cannot compromise on when investing in stocks is getting the timing right. Especially when we are talking about intraday trading, making the trade at the right timing is all that matters to know whether you are doing a loss or a… launched its services in 2013 with the headquarters located in Hong Kong. It is a platform that provides information about forex brokers, reviews, and ratings of forex traders. The website offers forex traders the information they need to make the right choice of forex broker for their trading activities. provides analysis of forex brokers and ranks them according to the level of services they offer.

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The website provides reviews of forex traders and weighs against Forex brokers against one another through the number of features they offer and provide the best brokers for trading forex. also offers platform users extra services like real-time charting tools, forex analysis, and economic calendar.

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#1 Forex trading resources to new traders

Gaining access to the right trading data is the key to success in the forex market. Even though you can find a lot of information about forex market and forex trading out there, it is paramount to gain access to essential data and reliable information resources. provides users with:

  • Live quotes, charts and also the capacity to observe the forex markets.
  • All-inclusive analysis of all currencies, indices, commodities and precious metals
  • Real-time forex news

#2 Access to the best forex brokers

The website provides forex traders and investors searching for the best and reputable brokers the information they need. Gaining access to the right broker is your first step to becoming successful in the forex market. The best forex companies, for example, Forex broker provides you with a platform that ensures excellent trading experience and profit.

#3 Brokerages that secure your funds considers how capable a broker is to secure investors fund. On the website, you will be able to get all the information you need to know genuine brokers and differentiate them from scam brokerage websites whose only intention is to cart away with your money. You will also find out from the site brokers that are regulated and those without a license to ensure you play safely in the forex market.

#4 Brokers with good Trading platforms

To trade forex, you need a trading platform developed by a forex broker. It is therefore highly essential that the platform come with an intuitive and friendly user interface to make navigation and trade on it easy and free or hurdles.

It is always great to review the trading platform of a broker before signing up with them. provides users with information on the features of a broker’s platform and let you know how efficient or dysfunctional they are. Before committing to a specific broker, always review their trading platforms and the features that they have.

A great forex trading platform ought to come with the following features:

  • A live financial news feed
  • Technical and Fundamental analysis
  • Live quotes and charts
  • Live training and other trading resources
  • Great customer service

A forex broker with excellent and responsive customer services is the key to successful execution of trade and minimizes your lost.

#5 Execution of trades and the associated costs

A broker’s charges may impact on your profit. It is thus critical to investigate the cost of trading with a broker before signing up with the company. Some brokers charge commissions while other brokers deduct the charge from your trade through the spreads they offer.

It is essential to know how choosing a broker with tight spread will impact on your trading experience. provides you information about brokers that have sufficient security and low transaction to help you with your trading decision.

#6 Brokers that have reputable license

The forex market is the most prominent market in the world. It doesn’t have a single regulatory body for the brokers in the market; neither does it have a separate entity that monitors the operation of things in the market. The regulation of the forex market activities varies commonly from country to country.

The regulatory bodies that oversee the forex market in the US, for example, are the commodities futures trade commission and national futures association. In the UK, the organization responsible for regulation of forex market is the financial conduct authority.

Conclusion: provides you with everything you need to make the right choice of broker for your trade. You will gain access to all the information you need to sift through the list of brokers and get the right one for your trading activities.

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