Top 5 UK Finance Blogs for All Readers to Follow

Finance Blogs

Not too long ago, the share market was a playground for experts. Finance pundits with erudite knowledge in trade and commerce used to flaunt their expertise on newspaper editorials, instructing people which shares to buy and which to sell.

Finance Blogs

Thanks to the Internet, however, ordinary people nowadays have access to financial resources. They don’t find stock market jargons mysterious anymore. They now understand the meaning of each and every finance-related term.

Personal finance

Personal finance facilitated the knowledge sharing process. The internet is flooded with blogs on personal finance. Bloggers lay down advice on all topics that bother an individual’s finances.

There are no geographical boundaries. The bloggers are from all countries, including the United Kingdom. In the UK, personal finance is a hot topic, just like in the US. As more and more people are becoming interested to handle financial affairs themselves, personal finance bloggers have been seeing an increase in their reader-base.

The best UK blogs

If you live in the UK, you better read finance blogs from British bloggers because they know the country better than international bloggers, and they can give you the best advice. While there’s no paucity of personal finance blogs from British authors, not all of them are equally useful for the readers.

In this article, I list down the best UK based finance blogs, so you could follow them, get all the new information you need on the stock market, sort out your personal finance problems, and stay posted.

A Thrifty Mrs:

The blog’s slogan is “Having a blast without blowing The blog is maintained by a female blogger, who calls herself A Thrifty Mrs. The blog’s slogan is “Having a blast without blowing the budget.” If the motto of the blog is still not clear to you, the author makes it clear in the first line of the “About” section. She claims her blog is “about living a realistic and fun thrifty life.”

A Thrifty Mrs. blogs on various topics, all related to finance. A thrifty style of living without missing a tad bit of fun is what she aspires for, and explains her hacks to her readers, so they could follow those hacks too. Her blog posts lay advice on obtaining freebies, saving money, how to handle personal finances, etc.

You Could Save:

The blog seems to cover an array topics such as health, travel, family, technology, finance, environment, etc. However, there’s a financial undertone, which you could discover in all individual blog posts. For example, the blog owner Peter Millikin writes mostly on personal finance whereas another author is called Frugal4U, whose approach is to be frugal while solving problems.

Some of the most viewed posts on the blog are “Outdoor Living Space – Mend, make do and Recycle”, “Cheap Flights – Want To Get Away This Summer?”, “Need A Discount For School Uniform Or Help With The Costs?”, “Five things every business owner should know about their energy bills”, etc.

The Savvy Scot:

The blog’s slogan is pretty fascinating. The blog is primarily based around personal finance, fitness and travel. The blog started its journey in the year 2012. The Scott initially only wanted to make money online and share the tips with readers. But then it moved its focus on various other areas

Finance Girl:

The blog is maintained by a woman called Julie. She’s a freelancer, and lives in Manchester, UK. Her blog is strictly related to finance, and reflects a feminine perspective.

Julie’s blog was initially focused on personal finance and stuff. Then she included other areas such as forex trading, shopping, investing, etc. Some of her blog posts are titled as “Tips for Managing your Money”, “7 Best Advice You Need to Spend Money Efficiently”, “Are your finances fighting fit and ready for the year ahead?”, etc


The blog’s slogan reads “Motivation for armchair investors.” What I find really interesting about the blog is it’s coined a new term, which is monevation.

The financial advice given in the blog are easy to understand and even easier to follow. The core topics covered by the blog are earning, investing, property, saving, etc. The blogger identifies himself as the The Investor, and the co-bloggers as The Accumulator.

Here is a list of some more blogs : –

Martin’s Blog  – blog.moneysavingexpert.comThe Money Principle – Savvy Scot – savvyscot.comMoney Bulldog – In The City – skintinthecity.comNo More Spending – www.nomorespending.netEco Thrifty Living – www.ecothriftyliving.comDumb Funded – Watch – – Living in Suffolk – Could Save –

These personal finance blogs educate their readers about all things finance. If you haven’t visited the blogs yet, do that today, and tell us about your experience in the comment section below:

Top 5 UK Personal Finance Blogs




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