The PAX A80 Terminal: Is it the Best Terminal for Your Business

PAX A80 Terminal

Referred to as terminals by PAX looking and performing like smartphone devices, the “A-Series” line of the PAX terminals boasts state-of-the-art durability, portability, and payment acceptance. Being a part of the A-series, the A-80 credit card terminal is known to offer secure credit card processing with the help of a sleek, modern design in the color options of black or white.

PAX A80 Terminal

While most of the terminals in the A series terminals tend to be fully touchscreen and features the appearance of smartphones, the PAX A-80 series is known to combine the touchscreen and the conventional built-in physical form of PIN pad. The backlit keys of the system make it simpler to use the same in any given lighting condition. If you are going with the preference of PIN pad rather than making use of the touchscreen entirely, the A-80 terminal serves to be an ideal choice.

The PAX A80 terminal features a magnetic stripe reader towards the right end of the machine. The bottom of the machine is known to feature the slot for the insertion of a chip card. At the same time, the top portion helps in providing the NFC reader for contactless payments. The PAX A80 terminal helps in providing all necessary features for seamlessly accepting payments. Moreover, these features are available at a reduced cost in comparison to other terminals available on the market.

Types and Functions of Payments

Like most other PAX terminals out there, the A80 has been designed featuring multiple payment technologies. With the help of the A-80, you can take conventional magnetic strip cards, contactless payments, and chip-enabled EMV cards –including Apple Pay. You can also consider accepting QR code payments.

Are you required to pay credits to the end customers? You can do the same easily with the help of a PAX A80 terminal. You can consider making a transaction void before completion in case you might have made some error. You can also consider providing refunds to the dissatisfied customers upon the need for the same.

Perhaps, you might be running a restaurant or other type of business that is known to accept gratuity. With the help of the A80 terminal, you can consider selecting the tipping method that would best fit the respective workflow. You can allow the customers to include a proper tip during the time of the transaction. You can even consider utilizing the method of “tip adjustment” for making the adjustment for billing the tip at some later point of time.

Device Specifications and Measurements

The presence of a 4-inch touchscreen that is colored can help in making the A80 terminal completely easy to use. At the same time, the presence of the built-in high-speed printer implies that you can offer receipts without having the requirement to ensure connection to some external printer. Moreover, the small size of the terminal makes it highly convenient for a wide range of environments –including offices, restaurants, and retail.

The A80 terminal is known to weigh just around 13 ounces while measuring around 7 inches in length, 3 inches in width, 3 inches in the overall height. The presence of the optional battery helps in allowing the flexibility of moving the terminal to multiple locations as required. It helps in providing the required portability in the given fast-paced environment.

Connections & Operating Systems

In comparison to other terminals, the A-series –including the A80 terminal, is known to run to the Android OS (Operating System). This implies the presence of a smaller learning curve while providing access to Android applications. This helps you to make the most of the given terminal. You can gain maximum sales as well as marketing insights. Moreover, it also helps in performing basic functionalities like the acceptance of payments and executing reports.

As far as connections are concerned, the A80 terminal helps in offering Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, and dial-up features.

Options & Accessories

You can make use of the A-80 terminal as it would come, or consider adding accessories for tailoring a solution for the specific requirements. The list of available accessories is known to include a tilt or swivel stand and a privacy shield for the respective PIN pad. This allows you to use the device in some fixed location (like the front counter). However, you can also allow the same to face the end customers upon requirement –like entering the PINs.

Extra accessories like docks and cases might be available from the other sellers. However, these are not officially listed on the PAX website. It is, therefore, recommended that you should ensure compatibility with the given terminal in case you tend to purchase accessories from some third-party processing company or seller.

Processor Compatibility

PAX terminals –even the A80 terminal, do not tend to be limited to a single credit card processor. This implies that you receive the opportunity to search for the ideal low-cost processing solutions for the requirements with any processor capable of supporting the respective PAX line. If you require help in finding a processor providing support PAX, you can make use of a reliable credit card processor using some comparison tools.

How Much Would a PAX A-80 Terminal Cost?

PAX is known to refer to the A-80 as one of its most efficient and cost-effective terminals in the given A-series line. However, PAX is not going to be the factor that determines the final cost that you will be paying for the given machine. The processing company that you are going to select for accepting credit cards is the one that is going to set the final price for the respective A80 terminal.


The PAX A80 terminal is a highly versatile unit that is capable of working as both indoor and a workshop payment terminal that is portable. It is also known for its optional battery backup capability. As it always runs at peak performance, it delivers full connectivity. Therefore, A80 is the reliable workhorse for processing your payments in a fast and reliable manner.

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