Advice and Tips for Starting a Business in Singapore

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Singapore offers everything for those planning to be entrepreneurs. Aside from being a world economic hub, Singapore has good telecommunication and infrastructure. The business environment is friendly for foreigners and one is assured of a strong market.

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There are many businesses that can do well in Singapore. However, you should do your research well to determine which one is suitable for you. Below are advice and tips for starting a business in Singapore.

Do Your Research Well

It may sound easy to start a business in Singapore. However, it is good to do more groundwork and research. This includes looking for the best location, conducting a market survey, and understanding the laws surrounding business.

Choose the Business Activity of Your Choice

Before starting off on business research, it is prudent to know the business you want to start. The research will open your eyes to understand the dynamics of doing business in a competitive environment that Singapore offers. In the Lion City, foreigners are offered an EntrePass visa, which allows them to conduct business for a certain period. If interested, why not find out more information on the topic from a reliable website?

Pick a Company Name

This is the most crucial point in your business. The company name will say everything about your business like what you offer and how unique your business is. In Singapore, two companies cannot bear the same name. Hence it is good if you research before landing on a name.

Write Down Your Business Plan

By now, you have already decided on the business to start. The business plan is an essential document for every business. It is a blueprint that guides you and your investors through the operation’s finances and growth. It will become easy to approach stakeholders and donors as you will use the business plan to convince them.

Register Your Business

In Singapore, registering your business, whether local or foreign, will require you to visit any business agency that will help you with the registration. However, it is important to ensure that you have met all of the qualifications.

Start Budgeting for Your Business

Now that you have a business plan it is good if you prepare a budget covering all of the activities of the business. You can start by drawing all your expenses, projected taxes, and the amount you will be paying your employees. Budgeting will help your business run smoothly, hence promoting accountability and flexibility of your business.

Hire Skilled Employees

Employees are the pillar of any business. They can determine the success or failure of a business. In Singapore, employers are allowed to employ both locals and foreigners. You can even go ahead and use useful sources to search for the best international employees.


Starting a business in Singapore might sound easy, but you need to have tips at your fingertips. The above advice and tips will guide you on your entrepreneurial journey. It is also important to note that the laws of countries do vary. Singapore laws are quite different from others and it is wise if you follow them for the best experience as an entrepreneur.

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