Saving Tips to Reduce Your Home Bills and Save For Big Things

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Due to the rising household bills across the UK, saving money on small things so that you can spend on important things is highly recommended. Cuttings costs of normal bills is easier than you imagine and the average household can save hundreds of pounds per month and spend it on other things. Wanting broadband unlimited for your home for example, consider the following saving tips to guide you save money.

Home Bills

Cheaper gas and electricity

The number of energy suppliers out there competing for customers is quite high, so it’s time you find a cheaper deal and you could be saving up to 25 euros a month. It only takes 20 minutes to check whether you are wasting cash on your energy bills. Consider paying by direct debit at it’s cheaper and you won’t have to worry about missing payments. The less energy you use the lower the bills will be. Energy and electricity cost can be very expensive, if you want to save, consider keeping the bills as low as possible.

Save on your broadband

If you do a lot of movie streaming or work from home, you really do want to have the best internet available. It is always best to shop around when your contract ends as there are always new deals for new customers. Of course you’re likely to want unlimited broadband if you want no interruptions, so worth comparing deals on sites like broadband choices.

Cutting cost on your water bills

Water bill is the one cost you should cutting if you want to save money. Changing the way you pay for water is essential, do you have a water meter, or you pay a fixed price every year? Don’t waste water, you can turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth and also repair leaking taps. The bottom line is you look for every opportunity to save water bills.

Reduce the cost of driving and public transport

Travelling costs make up a substantial amount of your monthly expenditure whether you are driving or using public transport. If you successively cut down the cost of travel, you can save and afford that important thing like house you have always wanted to buy. Consider finding a cheaper car insurance, buying cheaper fuel or booking train tickets in advance or if you travel regularly, consider getting a season train ticket.

Pay your bills on time

Failure to pay bills on time may attract fees. So ensure to pay your bills on time to avoid fees which can wipe out your savings. Keep a record of payments and a clear plan ahead and also pay for regular bills monthly by Direct Debit. Being organized is the secret to paying your bills on time, get a folder and keep our bills on it. Keep track of when they need to be paid. Also don’t let your bills get on top of you, if you are struggling to pay them, don’t ignore and look for measures to deal with them. Ensure you are not paying too much.  Buying a stick vacuum to clean your home can save you a lot on your bill.

Get a cheaper mobile phone bill

Try to find the cheapest way to get the latest handset if your mobile phone contract is coming to an end. Try to negotiate with suppliers because you are in charge. You can also use a comparison website to find the best deal. You can either pay as you go or pay monthly. The best option for you depends on your phone usage and the activities that you use your phone for. If you are not a frequent phone user, consider pay as you go because you will be paying exactly what you use in minutes, texts and data, however, if you are a constant phone user, you can consider paying monthly fees and adequately saving some money.

Check the amount you pay as Council Tax

The amount of money you pay as council tax may be too much. It’s estimated that up to 400,000 are in the wrong Council Tax band, so make an effort to check you are not being overcharged. It will take less than 10 minutes to find out whether you are being swindled and you could end up saving hundreds of pounds to be used on other big things. The amount of Council Tax you pay depends on your personal situation, the valuation band your property belongs and how much the council needs to fund its services.

Make a shopping list

Making a shopping list help you get organized and you if you stick with you can save enough money for that big thing like expensive holiday without necessarily thinking about it. Don’t buy items that you will keep in the fridge for a week and then throw away. We spend nearly 500 euros a year on food and we don’t consume all of it, make a shopping list and it will guide you to buying only what you need.

Eat food at home

Making your own meal will cost 50% less than buying food out, which when calculated it will sum to thousands of euros each year. You don’t need a 100% pack your food lifestyle but try as much to limit outside meals each week and it will significantly reduce you’re spending. Save that money for other things like college fees for your kids.

Reduce Your Home Bills




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