Renovating Your House in a Budget

I think that there are low cost things that you can do to refresh a room on your own, but a lot of things you will want to call in a professional to do. Easy things that don’t cost a lot that you can do one your own is painting the walls, changing out cabinet hardware, updating a light fixture, etc. I would not attempt (unless you have professional training) plumbing work, electrical work, structural work, etc. If you attempt to do something you don’t know much about you can cause damage to your home, end up having to pay more, or even get hurt. Great information, thanks for sharing!

Whether you have been living in the same home for a long time, or you have just recently moved in, there are few things that would need an upgrade or repair as time passes. It could also be that you plain out hate a part, or a room of the house and wish to change it as soon as you have enough finance. The idea of renovation requires clever planning and a lot of finance from your side.

You are going to have to spend a lot from your savings in order to get the damaged part repaired or to upgrade that part of the house.

Everyone has a distinct taste in style and fashion. Some people prefer dark wall colors with lighter colored furniture. While there are others who would opt for plain walls with a dull colored couch or table. All of these have varying prices but nothing comes cheap. To plan a house renovation while remaining in a budget can be a headache. You may end up giving some of the ideas you previously may have had since they do not fit in your expenses.

There are even few ideas that will ruin your house’s price in the market when you decide to sell it. The following list will help you in leaving you enough money to make your dream house come to a reality, all the while saving you from disastrous mistakes.

Setting Up Stuff:

If you are thinking of planting some fresh plants in your garden or looking to repaint a wall or fix fence then you do not need help. Instead of spending money on any workers, take this project up on your weekend. All you need are necessary tools to help you, which are either available in stores or you could borrow it from a neighbor or a friend. These things are not all that time consuming, but in fact are a great family activity and can be a skill that your children can learn from watching or helping you. Some of these DIY projects can include, fixing up shelves, painting walls, planting new plants or removing old ones, polishing wooden furniture or floorboards.

Do not remodel your House on your own:

As mentioned previously, there a few factors that could decrease your property’s value in the market. This is because there is a particular set of skills required to do this job and doing it yourself will lead to a sloppy or unpleasing finishing. When people are looking to buy your house, they will factor in all these repairs while quoting their price. Unless you have prior experience in any of these fields, it is recommended that you leave this work to the professionals like A+ Construction & Remodeling. Hence it is better to contact the concerned person for fixes like electrical work, plumbing fixes, or wall or floorboard repairs. There are even students who are looking to earn extra bucks to pay off their student loans. Interview them first and make sure that they have sufficient knowledge to repair what you want them to.

Lighting Fixtures:

A room ambiance is created through its lighting. So it is understandable, that you want to have proper lighting to your room. You may be looking to shift from a dim lighting to a bright one. It is better to have one light source than several lighting fixtures on multiple places. A ceiling mounted light will be the best option save money and to brighten your room. Several lighting fixtures like standalone lamps or wall sconces minimize the light and only direct light to a specific path. They also add to increasing your bill as opposed to one good light in a room. If you are looking for something fancy, opt for a chandelier or fixture that has a transparent glass rather than a frosted one so that it does not limit light.

Saving on Interior Designers:

You don’t want the help of an interior designer for every little change you are looking to make in your house. You can take the advice of the architect that you are hiring to help you in remodeling your bedroom or giving you a larger kitchen. You need not have extensive meetings with your architect either. Explain them the changes that you want made, and then pick their brains about what works best in your budget. For a small fee, you can have them draw a rough idea of how the house is going to look like after the amendments.

Reorganize Older Furniture:

Your bed may be in a bad condition, or your sofa set is torn from places. Instead of going all out and buying a new one, you can invest in repairing the old ones. That costs a lot less and still adds a change to your environment. You can have your couches revamped by getting it stitched with new cloth and polishing. A bed, shelf or a set of drawer, any of these furniture settings can also be given a new look with fresh paint and polish. Scroll through the internet to get an idea of the ways you can improve your furniture looks

Renovating Kitchen or Toilet:

While renovating a kitchen or a toilet, you have to be really careful. You are not just reorganizing walls or furniture anymore; you are also dealing with pipes and bathroom fixtures such as asink, shower or commode toilet. While planning a renovation within a small budget it is best that you leave out misplacing any of these things since it is going to cost you more. Work your way around those areas and avoid touching these utilities at all. You can choose to work on your lighting or the flooring, your windows or curtain or your cabinets instead if you want to have some change in your bathroom or kitchen.

House Renovation in a Budget




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