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Most of us don’t want to stay where we are in our jobs forever. Sure. there are some of us who love what we’re doing and wouldn’t dream of changing a thing, but most of us have dreams of climbing that career ladder and levelling up, so to speak.

Save More Money

Unfortunately, getting ahead, getting that promotion and working at a higher level than you are right now can be difficult, and it can take a long time. However, you shouldn’t be brought down by those facts because there are numerous things, which if you do them, will go in your favor and make levelling up, making more money and having a more fulfilling career easier than you would ever have imagined…

Deciding What You Want

This might not sound like it would make much of a difference, but really focusing in on what it is you actually want to do with the rest of your life; what your new position looks like, is the first important step to levelling up. Why? Because it will inform everything you do to get there. If you just want to be promoted. But you have no idea why or in what direction, then you probably aren’t going to be that successful. But if you know you want to go from receptionist to PA at your company, well a path suddenly becomes clear to you.

Get Educated

If there’s one almost sure-fire way of helping you to move up the career ladder and earn more money, it’s increasing the level of your education. If, for example, you take an online RN to BSN course, you could be promoted and earning way more money as soon as your qualified. Obviously, it doesn’t always work that quickly (there is always a huge need for qualified Bachelor or Science Nurses), but if you have the education you need to make your dream job (and salary) happen, then as long as you work hard and keep pursuing opportunities, it is much more likely than not to come to you eventually.

Go Out on Your Own

This is a tough one because there is no guarantee that setting up your own business will be a success, but if you start a side-hustle alongside your current job with the hope that it will become your career in the long-term, not only could you make a lot of money, but you could end up living the dream, working for yourself doing what you really want to do.

Start Networking

Another way of levelling up to make more money by getting a better job is to start networking. If you start attending conferences, events and trade shows where the kinds of people who you will ideally want to work alongside in the future are likely to be; then you can make lasting connections that you can use to leverage your position. In the world of work, it is often who you know, not what you know alone that dictates how much money you’ll make and how far up the ladder you’ll climb.

Time to level up?

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