Is Markets.Online Suitable for all Online Traders?

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Established in 2017, Markets.Online is a regulated and fast progressing online broker that provides online trading services using the latest technology. It offers over 200 assets to trade including currencies, commodities, indices, and stocks. Markets.Online’s main objective is to provide traders with the best trading tools and resources they need to trade successfully.

Who is Markets.Online?

Online Markets

It is an Internet-based broker, providing online trading services to clients around the world. Markets.Online is powered by HF & Co. Limited, a Financial Services Company authorized and regulated as Securities Dealer by FSA – License number SD022; and company registration number 8423558-1.

The brokers’ aim is to provide their clients with an easy access to online trading and offering them a wide variety of assets on its user-friendly trading platform. Markets.Online has gained a lot of popularity in a very short amount of time thanks to its outstanding service and features it offers to clients.

This broker provides over 200 assets to trade in markets around the globe, including:

Currency pairs – USD / JPY,   EUR / USD, GBP/USD,

Commodities – Crude oil and gold, Futures – Dow Jones, NASDAQ,

Stocks – Apple, Amazon, Adidas and much more.

I explored Markets.Online assets list and I’m amazed at the numerous assets they offer to trade and each one of them has a different leverage amount.

Besides, if you are still a beginner, Markets.Online provides helpful resources to help you understand what online trading is and details about the different assets. You can read more on the broker’s website on:

  • What is online trading
  • Currency Trading
  • Commodity trading
  • Index Trading
  • Stock Trading

Account Types and Benefits offered:

Since online trading is quite challenging, it is advisable to first take a look at the different account types of this broker before registering, especially for beginners. It is essential to choose the ideal account type which is suitable for you. Each account type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Thus, it is important to choose your account type wisely.

Since I’m still a beginner, I personally opted for the first one – STARTER which starts with a minimum of $250. This account provided the essential information that helped me to trade and have an amazing trading experience.

Find the different Account Types offered by Markets.Online:


$250 – $999

Leverage up to 1:300

Regular Spread

Customer Support

Markets Updates

Trading Instruments


$1000 – $4999

Leverage up to 1:300

Tight Spread

Customer Support

Markets Updates

Trading Instruments


$5000 – $ 50,000

Leverage up to 1:300

Competitive Spread

Customer Support

Markets Update

Trading Instruments

Markets.Online trading platform

This broker enables users to place transactions easily as it uses a platform that is both mobile-friendly and web-friendly. The platform has been designed in a simple and easy way, allowing traders of all levels to trade easily. Once I registered an account on Markets.Online, I started using its trading platform regularly. It has many helpful features and tools.

The chart which shows the live fluctuation of assets can be calibrated for different time frame views, and display different time zones which you can set easily depending on your country. The daily updates on financial markets are easily spotted on the right-hand side, and the different assets to trade found on the left-hand side. Indicators such as relative strength index, relative volatility index and many more are found on the top of the live chart and at its bottom, you will find quantitative information about the assets you want to trade such as quantity, rate, direction, and market rate.

Other features of Markets.Online

Markets.Online provides interesting features that help and educate traders to make wise trading decisions. For instance, the daily updates on the financial markets and short videos to help you understand more about the market itself. These educational materials help both beginners and experts to make important trading decisions and to make the most of their online trading journey.

Once I funded my trading account and started trading with this broker, I was receiving emails to attend their weekly webinars. I have attended two of these webinars and I found it very helpful. The webinars are simple, easy to understand and help you learn more about online trading and trading techniques in a short amount of time.

Markets.Online also has a Learning Academy which educates its clients on the basics of online trading and how to make use of the indicators provided. Their program is separated into different topics such as: what is online trading, how to trade on online trading, online trading strategies, online trading tips, and trading volatility. Traders can go through these articles to have a better understanding of online trading.

Customer Service of Markets.Online

I would rate the customer support of this broker at 4.4/5 as it is readily available and is flexible. Clients can easily contact them through phone, by email and through chat on their website. You can also contact them on their social media accounts – Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I was having an issue during the withdrawal process and I sent them an email. They were quick to reply and solve my problem.


Regulated online trading broker

Reliable customer support

Safe and secure trading platform

Variety of leverage

Simple trading platform

Helpful educational resources


Withdrawal process is a bit slow

Limited options for trading commodity

Final Verdict

This Markets.Online review aimed to give traders an apercu of what they are getting when opening an account with the broker. It is the ideal online trading platform for traders who want to have a good trading experience, learn about the financial market and the different factors affecting financial assets. The platform is user-friendly and provides useful information which helps the traders make the best investing decisions. This explains why there are many active users on this platform and it is increasing its user base very rapidly.

In conclusion, I am satisfied with Markets.Online and the services they offer. I would recommend this broker to people who are looking for a simple yet sophisticated online trading platform.

Online Markets




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