Exhibition Trends for 2017

While most people recognize they want to stage their home to look its best when having potential buyers over for showings or open houses, it’s also important to stage the outside areas if you’ve got a porch, patio, deck, or yard. Using these spaces…

2017 is set to see the world of exhibitions take an even greater leap into embracing digital engagement with stand designs becoming more sustainable.

Read more about these top three trends for 2017:

Exhibition Trends


Using short games at exhibitions is a great way to attract attention and provide a positive and memorable experience for visitors. As the aim of the game from an exhibition is to be remembered, doing everything in your power to make sure that your stand is the one that people can recall is important.

But it’s not just about letting your visitors play a game – it’s about making that game relevant to your audience or to your campaign messages. It’s also about using the game as an opportunity for your sales team to talk to the visitor about their needs and to try and convert them into a lead or a sale.

AR and VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality are set to make a big impact on-stand in 2017. Augmented reality allows people to use devices such as tablets and smartphones to bring a stand to life. Special codes can be hidden within the design of the stand to allow extra information to be triggered on a person’s phone when they hover over it. Or perhaps a life-sized product will be shown to allow people to interact with it on their device.

Virtual reality allows people to have an immersive experience on-stand. Whether that’s seeing your product in a virtual environment, or using VR for gamification, it’s a new technology that’s set to be hot for 2017 and will attract attention simply for being new tech and providing a new experience.


As well as new technology, brands will also be looking to be more sustainable in 2017. That’s not just about being greener by not throwing away older displays, but it’s also about choosing the right displays with the right messages to increase your ROI.

If you’re exhibiting at a number of shows in a year, then it’s a good idea to think about the bigger picture when choosing your displays. Choosing certain roller banners from Marler Haley for example would provide a versatile display where graphics can be changed without changing the base unit. Not only is this a less expensive way of updating your graphics, but it also means that the base isn’t discarded when it’s still in good working order.

Exhibition Trends




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