3 Things about Entrepreneurship Business School Never Taught You

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To be an entrepreneur is a liberating and wonderful thing.

Your excitement to deliver a fantastic product or service to market offers you the ability to fulfill your dreams and share your vision with the world.

Starting a new business, however, has its mountain of challenges which goes without saying.

Entrepreneurship Business School Never Taught You

When it comes to finances, you can’t afford to miss out on opportunities that are right in front of you that will allow your business to make strides in its industry.

You need to be on point with the inner workings of your income and expenses so you can make fixes where required.

So how can you ensure that you have got what it takes both mentally and financially to succeed at your venture? Read on to learn more.

Cash Flow Is Uber Important

If you are starting a new or already have an existing business, your cash flow is an integral part of your survival.

Cash flow is the measure of the money that comes into the company, say from customer invoices, investor injection among others, less the amounts you have to pay out to bills, employees, etc.

Being cash flow positive means your business is healthy and able to operate without the need for external borrowing since you have the money to cover your expenses while earning a profit.

When you start to face negative cash flow, this puts a significant strain on you in more ways than one. Your stress levels will rise with the fact that you may not be able to make payroll, which then affects the lives of others.

Keep track of this number often; it is something that can’t be overlooked nor taken lightly.

It’s one of the best gauges into the health of a business, so use it to ensure that you are as strong as can be.

Reinvest Back Into The Business

As mentioned above, having positive cash flow affords you the opportunity to make things happen for your business.

At the same time, you shouldn’t just take the money and sit on it.

You see, you always need to think about growth and forward momentum. Therefore, you need to find ways to scale and grow the business continually.

With this comes the ability to now reinvest into the business. This could come in the way of hiring more employees, which will allow you to take on even more clients.

It also can allow you to do more things for your business and be in more places like opening another store or office location.

If you are not reinvesting back into the business, you are not giving yourself the opportunity to take advantage of the fantastic position you are now in.

You have to get the money you have to work for you, not the other way around. So this means that you need to be able to see the opportunities that will allow you to take more market share.

Get The Highest Profit Margins Possible

This one may sound obvious, but unfortunately, it’s not and a lot of entrepreneurs fail to realize the importance of this one.

When you are running a business, profits and equally significant, profit margins can be what makes it or breaks it for you.

The first thing you want to realize is that there is no set standard profit margin for business. This is something that is unique to each one. No two businesses are the same, the way they create things, the way they market, and the way they operate.

So if you magically pull a number out of the air of 20% and stick to that, you will be missing out on a ton of opportunity to scale and grow your business even further.

Take a deep look at what it costs you to produce your goods or services. Then see how you can cut these costs down significantly.

At the same time try doing this without sacrificing quality or integrity. This may be challenging, but if you don’t bother trying, you may never get the results.

Next, you want to see how you can increase the amount you are generating and bringing in per customer. Is there a way you can upsell them something extra to help improve your margins even further?

There are some things you can do on both sides of the coin to cut down costs as well as increase margins.


When it comes to your finances, there is no shortage of things to look out for.

With that being said, now is the best time to take the opportunity to not only better your own personal finances, but your businesses financial health as well.

Today we shared with you three incredible and actionable tips you can put to use right now, so don’t wait, your successful financial picture won’t draw itself.

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