4 Proven Ways to Make Money in Real Estate

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Though many investors tend to feel that the real estate market might be a risky move, it is actually one of the top wealth-producing industries. While many feel that it takes a significant amount of capital and the prime location to make money off their investment, there are several other ways to male your real estate venture profitable. You will need some financial resources in place to get your development or property purchase started, but it is possible to make money from the beginning if you know what you are doing. Consider the success of Roger O’steen from Jacksonville, Florida. From its humble beginnings in 1989, the housing communities orchestrated by the Roger Osteen Jacksonville development team are focused on sustainability, livability, and environmental sensitivity. You can have these same award-winning recognitions if you know how to navigate the real estate landscape.

Make Money in Real Estate

Generating Cash

There are two primary ways to generate cash when you invest in real estate. You can have access to passive income with buying and holding, but you can also create active income if you invest in renovations, property flipping contracts, or putting together development deals. Each area holds significant potential so long as you aren’t intimidated or put-off by the challenges that may lie ahead. However, you can use any number of the following strategies to make money in real estate depending on the situation you find yourself in.

Long-lease Residential Contracts

There is a lot of stability in a real estate venture that makes the most of people’s need for affordable long-term housing opportunities. Long-term buy and hold residential opportunities can be a good source of income when your property is in a prime location. The overall value of your asset can increase over time, but so can the ability to quickly find a long-term tenant. If your funds are limited, investing in a run-down home in a good location could actually be the best investment for long-term potential. You will need to cash to make the initial purchase, but a little effort can quickly return much better dividends.


If you aren’t ready to invest a significant amount of money into a single property, you can always look into a lease-to-purchase property. Since the market is on an upward climb, this is a practical way to create a pre-set price for a property that could potentially be worth much more down the road. You don’t need to hang onto the property either. There may be a better opportunity down the road to sell the purchase rights to a third party. This option provides flexibility with little commitment to a real estate investment.

Home Flipping and Renovation

It’s not just television stars on home improvement networks turning a profit on the fix-and-flip approach to real estate. However, making money in these investments takes a bit more work than you typically see on television. Not selecting the right home can have you paying out more than you will hope to see in return when you put the home on the market. The best tip you could hope to receive is to look for the ugliest house in the best neighborhood. This is where you will find the most value.

Commercial Real Estate

With the right funds and the right location, you can move past residential opportunities and look for commercial investments. You can add to existing properties, renovate or upgrade outdated office space, or become a consultant for a new development. The net income potential for any of these decisions often yields much more than a similar initial investment into a residential property. Always look for ways to add value to an existing location if you want to maximize income generation.

Real estate doesn’t have to be a risky investment. With the right knowledge and adequate financial resources, you can find yourself making money through buying, selling, renovating, or consulting residential and commercial properties.

Make Money in Real Estate




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