Top 5 Vehicles with Extra Trunk Space for Your Money

You sure can fit a lot of junk in those trunks. Sorry I had to say it ;-). Seriously though, trunks always seem large until you try to put a few suitcases in them. This is the biggest drawback to Hybrids for me. They have small trunks due to battery space.

Need a car with a lot of cargo space? Maybe you have to store golf clubs on a regular basis? Perhaps you have to transport the athletic gear for the high school soccer team? Or maybe your car is the host for all of those Monday Night AutoBrawl tailgating parties!

Extra Trunk Space for Your Money

Savvy consumers are increasingly looking for large-trunked cars because they are taking more road vacations in this era of economic uncertainty or thinking about the best routes to exit the country once the election is over. Many are ditching air travel and instead driving to their destinations to save money. These travelers find the extra cargo room a good place for their coolers full of food and drink.

For a variety of reasons, people need that extra rear vehicle storage space that only a few brands offer. Unfortunately, too many cars of today have little room in the back. You probably wind up having to place things on the rear seat. That means being able to hold fewer passengers.

Well, the following five vehicles solve the trunk storage space problem for motorists. These rides all have adequate passenger seating, while also providing an extended trunk area.

Volkswagen Golf Hatchback


Maximum Cargo Space of 52.7-cubic feet

The Golf is a hatchback with lots of room for storing items. You also have many vehicle models from which to choose. It is even possible to buy an e-Golf that runs on electric battery power.

Standard Golfs get around 31-miles per gallon of gas, which is pretty impressive. Upgraded models offer even better results.

Ferrari FF Coupe


Maximum Cargo Space of 28.3-cubic feet

So, you thought of Ferraris as small Formula One racers. Think again.

The FF Coupe has almost 30-cubic feet of trunk room. You can fit a lot of luggage back there. Of course, you will also enjoy the tremendous 651-horsepower engine.

Tesla Model S Sedan


Maximum Cargo Space of 63-cubic feet

Ah, the joys of electric-powered cars. Buy a Tesla and never have to worry about gas mileage again.

You also receive the benefit of a top-notch cargo area. Be prepared to be impressed by the 63-cubic feet of storage space. The next road trip will be a blast because you will not have to place any unwanted items in the passenger area. This car has a nice, wide and deep trunk.

Honda Fit Four-door Hatchback


Maximum Cargo Space of 52.7-cubic feet

Got a college student headed away to school for the first time? Well, this car is very popular with parents who want to buy something inexpensive, yet with enough trunk space to fit the seemingly ever expanding loads of dirty laundry students seem to bring on those weekend drives home.

Ford Expedition


Average of 42.6-cubic feet of Cargo Space, with more possible

This SUV is what many a soccer mom uses to get kids and equipment to and from the games. Lots of fraternity guys use this vehicle, as well, to carry members to, well, wherever they carry members.

Anyway, there are a lot of reasons why somebody would desire one of these large, high-sitting rides. With almost 43-cubic feet of cargo space, the Ford Expedition has enough room for luggage, coolers and almost anything else you can think to take on a trip.

By the way, the 42.6-cubic feet of trunk space is calculated with the seats upright. Drop the rear seats and the storage options are seemingly endless.

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These are the top five cars with extra cargo space. Choose one of these vehicles if you always have to carry lots of things in the back.

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