The Success of Gold: How Harald Seiz’s “The Future of Money” Theory is Changing the Financial World

When we talk about money, we wouldn’t expect it to not have any more value to it in the future. It’s money. It should be around for as long as we are and for as long as it serves a purpose. We will always need some form of a payment method.

the future of money

Although it’s true we will always need a payment method; many believe that money will not be the one we choose in the future. Cash is unstable, and the financial market proves that decade after decade through all of its ups and downs. With money being so volatile, it’s made many skeptical of how much we can continue to rely on it. Harald Seiz is one of those people that have a different option in mind.

In his book, “The Future of Money,” Seiz points out the volatility of our current financial market. At the moment, we rely on trust in the financial market that it will perform well and keep earning us money, even though many outside factors influence the numbers. For him, it is only a matter of time into cash loses all of its value and be obsolete.

“The first signs are unmistakable and already perceptible in the present,” Seiz warns. The financial market gives us a false sense of hope and security that we live in a stable time and that our money is secure.

Over the last century, we’ve played witness to some of the worst financial crisis in the market history. The Great Depression in the 1930s and the Great Recession of 2008 are two of the most notable, and most impactful market crashes we’ve seen. Both of these crashes had outside influences that contributed.

So, if it’s not cash, then what is the future of money?

According to Seiz, it’s a combination of affordable gold coins mixed with cryptocurrency. At the moment, if you want to invest in gold or cryptocurrency, it’s either one or the other. For Seiz’s method to work though, the two of them need to come together so that you can invest in both at the same time.

Seiz made this happen.

Harald Seiz and his company Karatbars International, released their own cryptocurrency in March called Karatgold Coins. It allows anyone to invest in gold while being able to use it on the blockchain to securely buy and sell items and services.

Seiz has a big goal in mind: “Every single person should have the opportunity to buy gold in order to build up assets and secure their fortunes.”

Karatbars International is a mining e-commerce company in Germany. Seiz saw the opportunity with gold being the future of money. However, with how gold was harvested at the time, it was sold in 100-gram bars. These bars were next to impossible for the everyday person to afford. If they were so expensive, then how could gold be the future?

Karatbars International began to break down gold into smaller pieces of 1 gram bars and coins. By doing this, it dramatically reduces the price so that anyone and everyone could afford gold. These smaller pieces are then linked with his cryptocurrency Karatgold Coins, through a small credit card-sized carrier.

“This is where my idea comes onto the market and combines the modern cryptocurrency with the classic gold.”

The cryptocurrency world is as safe and secure as a payment method can get. It runs off of a blockchain and a peer-to-peer system which leaves out a central server and any outside influences. The system prevents someone from over and underpaying, fraud, and anything else that could happen with our traditional payment system.

Karatgold Coins are different from other cryptocurrencies though. Because it’s tied to gold which has a real value, it keeps the cryptocurrency more stable than others. Seiz’s cryptocurrency reached a new level in stability and security by using gold.

Gold is an asset that has stood the test of time. From the Classic Ages to the Middle Ages and even to this day, the value of gold continues to perform at a high level. It is recognized worldwide and is an independent asset with no outside influences. The only downfall before Seiz stepped in was that with how large the gold bars were, they were not recognized as a denomination for payment.

Seiz started the revolution with the financial market by introducing Karatgold Coins, and it’s only just begun.

“Financial stability promotes peace in the world. Therefore, it is our goal to provide this basis and to make the solvency of mankind independent from politics.”

See how Harald Seiz put his company behind his idea on the future of money, to become what it is today in his upcoming book, “Think Big: How to Turn a Great Idea into a Global Empire.”

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