The Best Alternative Recruitment Strategies

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If you believe that your current recruitment methods are not mining the right employees for your business, you should look into using some of the best alternative recruitment strategies. Consider online resources like Staff Glass which offers online HR.

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Many of which these new recruiting strategies are currently gaining popularity. Rather than placing an advertisement in a newspaper or on an online job board, alternative recruitment strategies can help you to find skilled and passive candidates.

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1. College and University Recruiting

Are you looking to employ more graduates and new talent to your team? If so, you should start to build connections with your local universities in order to tap directly into their talent pools. You can start recruiting from colleges by contacting the institution’s career center, which can then advertise your job positions exclusively to students.


You should also consider hosting a careers event, offering to run a lecture, or opening your business for placement or internship applications. The practice of recruiting from high schools is also common, with university coaches seeking to recruit candidates by offering them a sports scholarship in order to develop their careers from a young age.

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2. Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms have become an integral part of the recruitment process in recent years, with many potential employers using social media platforms to background check their candidates. However, now social media can be used in a much more proactive way in order to connect employers with candidates.


Social media platforms allow business owners to find potential employees by acting as a resume. You can also use search bars and groups within these applications to find candidates with specific skills and interests.

3. Networking Events

Networking events are also a powerful tool for recruiters by allowing them to connect with others in their industry. In fact, 80% of job openings are filled through networking. By building your network at events, you will be able to construct a more diverse talent pipeline and create direct relationships with candidates.

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This can expand your pool and allow you to ascertain whether they are right for your available role. You can also use networking events as an opportunity to spread the word about open job positions and attract talented candidates by promoting the opportunities that your brand can provide.


4. Human Resource Software

If you are wasting too much time and energy on finding potential candidates, you should install human resource software. These software tools can help you to isolate job applications that meet your requirements, as well as allow you to organize and review resumes quickly.


Not only this, but it can also automate actions such as advertising open positions and attracting the top talent in your area. HR software also combines recruitment and onboarding processes to ensure that they run seamlessly.

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5. Employee Referral Programs

An interesting way to engage new candidates is to create an employee referral program. In these programs, your current employees will find new applicants for your open job positions in return for an incentive.

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This can help you to find skilled employees who are already within your team’s social network. Additionally, it gives your employees an opportunity to put forward candidates that they believe would match your company’s work climate and responsibilities.




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