Success Tips For Selling Stuff Online

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Whether you’re hoping to sell some of your unused belonging online or start a web-based business selling items, it’s worth taking some time to learn the rules of ecommerce. Whilst sites like Gumtree and Amazon have made selling stuff online fairly straightforward, it takes a bit of skill to start a web-based business. Here are just a few success tips for selling online.

Research pricing

In order to know how much to charge for your item, you need to first do a bit of research. Check out sites like Amazon and eBay to see what other sellers are charging for the same item. If you’re selling a rare item or an antique, it could be worth getting professionally valued in person first (whilst you can get item valued online, these valuations may not be as accurate). The condition of an item can make a big difference to the value, so take this into account.

Provide good quality photographs

A bad photo can make an item look unattractive. No photo at all might put people off buying altogether, especially if it’s a used item. Make sure to take photographs from multiple angles with good lighting – if you’re starting a business selling items, you might want to hire a photographer to take pictures of your inventory. When it comes to used items, don’t try to hide defects by taking photos from certain angles as the buyer will either demand a refund or leave a bad review. When it comes to used electronic items like phones, always switch them on and take a photo to prove that they work.

Be honest about the condition with used items

Misinforming people about the condition might not just lead to bad reviews and complaints, it could even get you in legal trouble. On top of providing pictures, offer some information on the condition. Many potential buyers may ask questions to get a further idea of what’s wrong – be honest about the flaws, whilst highlighting the features that are in good condition.

Consider the cost of postage and packaging

If you’re selling to someone that doesn’t live locally, you may have to factor in the cost of postage and packaging. You should research the UPS shipping weight cost online. Those hoping to start an online business may want to shop around for couriers. As for packaging, it could be worth shopping around for this (bulk-buying packaging materials could save you money).

Advertise on multiple sites

It’s worth advertising in multiple places to increase your chances of selling the item. The likes of Gumtree and Facebook allow you to choose your buyer, whilst eBay can allow you to get people bidding. Meanwhile, if you’re running a company selling items, you might want to stick to sites like Amazon, as well as potentially selling through other online retailers and listing sites.

Build your reputation

Having a good reputation as a seller can improve your chances of shifting items, as well as allowing you to charge higher prices. Encourage buyers to leave positive reviews and take advice from negative reviews (slow delivery times and product faults could require you to make improvements in the future).

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