Smart Ways To Make Money on the Side

Following the well-known path for previous generations has always been preferable because it meant a stable job. Finish school, get an education, and find a proven job where you’ll get a small but fixed rate. But the modern world brings to our…

Whether you want to start a side hustle that could become a business for you, or simply want to earn enough to pay for a vacation or clear some debt, then knowing some of the smart ways to make money on the side of what you are already doing is a good idea. Instead of working overtime in your current role, you can set the hours, and hopefully, enjoy doing them a little more than if you were just doing more of the same in your current job. You could do as much as you need or as little as you need to do, which is why having a side income can be a good idea for pretty much everyone. You can work on it when you’re able to or need to, but then also let it do its thing when you don’t need to.

Make Your Money

What are some of the best things to be doing, though? Of course, all side hustles are going to need some form of commitment and effort. There really is no such things as a get rich quick scheme. But if you’ve got the commitment, then we’ve got some of the ideas for you. Are there any that you had thought of before?

Use Your Skills

Think about the skills that you have already acquired in your job role or have learned along the way from other things. Can you use any of those things in order to generate an extra income? If you work in advertising or PR, then could you do some more of that on the side, perhaps as a freelancer? If you work in accounting or are a skilled writer, are there any of those things that you could do some more of in-between the regular work that you do? It doesn’t have to professional qualifications or skills either. If you’re good with children, could you babysit or be a nanny or childminder during evenings or in your spare time? There are plenty of things when you sit down and think about it. It just needs to be something that you’re good at, and then you can go from there.

Online Work

There is so much work that can be done online these days. From writing blog posts or content for magazines to SEO, social media, and website design. Do you have any experience in any of those? Even if you don’t, what can you be doing to get some practice in? Can you create a blog header pretty easily or do you know your way around Twitter enough to know how to schedule some posts? You could even tutor people online, particularly those wanting to learn English. So there is something for everyone.

Property Development

If you’ve got a good eye for property and enjoy investing in big things like a property development (or want to flip houses), then making money on the side through property could be a great idea for you. Providing that you take the time to figure out the costings of things, using a home loan calculator to work out repayments, along with the extra fees that come with the property, you could be onto a good thing. The great thing about this is that it is really scalable. So if you did it well once, you could carry on doing it and grow it as a proper full-time business. Would you buy houses to sell on and take the profit, or would you buy properties to then rent out to tenants?

Network Marketing

Like them or loathe them, network marketing looks like it is here to stay. Of course, it can be a while until you see any money come back, as it does require an initial investment. But after that, it is all completely up to you how many hours you work and what you do to promote the products. It could be using social media, test packs, or even starting a dedicated blog for it. While this kind of side hustle isn’t going to be for everyone, there are people that do make this work, and you can have unlimited earning potential.

Sell Crafts or Handmade Items

If you are creative and have enjoyed crafts or baking in the past as a hobby, then how about turning them into your passion? With many craft fairs and stalls available, as well as sites like Etsy and eBay, it is easier than ever to make money this way. There will be a small initial investment to make sure that you have enough inventory and equipment to make your wares. But after that, it is up to you and the potential that it has.


Along similar lines, if you are a good teacher, or have some skills that are in demand (such as crafts or baking listed above), then have you ever considered putting on courses for people? It could be just local people for a hands-on course, or you could film and create a course that can be played and sold online. If you have some know-how, then why not try to make some money from it? If you created one course and had it online for people to use, then you could easily make more and more that go alongside it. So what do you know the most about, and where do your skills lie?

Use Your Home

There are plenty of ways that your home can help you to make money. From renting out a bedroom through a site like Airbnb, or renting it out as a film or television location. Many shows may need working kitchens or gardens to shoot in. You can register with agencies and then see what happens. You could also use the space that you have, such as a front yard or even your car to advertise. It could simply be putting a sticker on your car or a sign in your yard, and then you get paid for it. Do it a couple of times a year and it could have paid for your vacation, for instance.

Ways To Make Money on the Side




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