Shrink The Cost Of An Overseas Move

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It can be pretty nerve-wracking to move house, even if it’s just down the street. However, moving overseas is a whole different ballgame. Not only are you leaving the comfort of friends and family behind, but you are also leaving the culture that you know so well. To make matters worse it can also be hugely expensive as there are additional costs such as shipping your possessions to a whole other country to consider. It is with that in mind that I have devised this guide on all the ways you can save money on your overseas move. Moving halfway across the world isn’t always easy. Read on to find out more.

Save Money

Ask for a moving allowance.

The number one reason that most people move abroad is for work. Luckily, many companies take this into account and offer what is known as a moving allowance or relocation package. This is usually a one-off payment that is awarded to the person moving to ensure that they resettle as smoothly as possible.

It’s a worthwhile move for the employing company because by making the moving and settling processes easier they help to guarantee that you will be happy enough in your home life to stay in the position that you have been employed to do.

It is also incredibly useful for the person or family that is moving because it can go towards some of the costs included. These costs include shipping possessions like key items of furniture to your new location, as well as travel costs for yourself and your family.

In some cases, the money can even be used to pay for new home furnishing, deposits, and any additional costs that a family that is moving abroad may face. Something that means it can significantly reduce the expense of an overseas move. Just remember to negotiate this fee before you accept the position.

Use a professional relocation company.

Next, to reduce the high cost of moving your family to another continent, it can be useful to get some professional help. That’s right you will find professional companies offering relocation services in most major cities and towns, and they can help you both save money and make the whole transition process a lot less stressful.

In fact, they can help with all sorts of things such as finding the right home, getting your stuff from your previous house to your new one, and even securing you residency permits, as well as getting you set up with the banks and financial service in the area. The latter in particular, being something that can save you quite a bit of money as you don’t end up making costly mistakes and having to pay charges that you could have otherwise avoided.

Pick a place that is furnished.

It is also possible to cut the cost of an overseas move by deciding to go for a home that is furnished. This can severely reduce the expenses of such a move because it means you have to transport much less, and you don’t even need to buy furniture items out of your own pocket when you arrive!

In essence, you can just move straight in and get on with your lives straight away. Now you may think that you don’t want to move into a place that someone else has decorated. However, with so many high-end business lets on the market, especially in urban centers like Dubai and Singapore and through the globe you may just be surprised at the standard of accommodation you can expect.

Just look at the furnished apartment complexes available, where you will find that the homes are not only beautiful but comfortably decorated too. In fact, you can expect the full home experience with throw pillows, blankets, art on the walls, and stylish ornaments; as well as having access to an outdoor balcony space, air conditioning, towel sand lines, and even a shared pool and gym! Something that means living in this sort of furnished accommodation isn’t just going to save you money, but you are going to have a fantastic time there too! Once you have found the perfect apartment, you can use an overseas property and finance expert like Simon Conn (click here to visit web site) to ensure you get the best mortgage possible. This will stop you from paying over the odds, again saving you some money.

Start afresh.

Of course, there will always be those that just don’t feel right living in space that has been decorated and chosen by someone else. Luckily, even for those people, there is a cheaper option than packing up their entire estate and shipping it over to their new home overseas.

Something that by the way, will cost a fortune as is priced by weight! It can also take ages for your stuff to arrive because it will be traveling by shipping container, something that means you won’t have the items you want unless you know well in advance that you will be moving and don’t mind living in an empty house for a few months before it removes itself.

This option is, of course, to start afresh with furnishing and decoration when you arrive. An action that may not cost quite as much as you think, especially compared to logistics costs, and if the location you are moving to charge reasonable prices for furniture items and professional to come in a do the decoration for you.

Rent your previous home out.

Lastly, another smart way that you can reduce the cost of moving overseas is by using your previous home to generate an income while you are not there. How this works, is that if you own your house, you get to keep it for security or in case you want to move back and rent it out. An action that will produce a regular income that will go toward paying off the mortgage, or if you are all square in that department you can use to decorate your new place overseas.

There are several different options for leasing our you home as well. You can’t rent it to a couple or family through a leasing agent for a longer period such as six months to a year. You can offer it as a shorter term let at around three months, or you can offer it up by the night and week as a vacation let on sites like Airbnb.

Of course, if you do the latter, you will need to have someone that is willing to manage it for you while you are not in the country. Including doing the cleaning, dealing with any issues, and providing the key to new residents. However, this is probably the best paying option, and as such, it can certainly help you accrue some cash to help offset the vast cost of your overseas move.

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