Organically Grow Your Paycheck

In high school, your stress might be as much about finances as it is about exams. If you haven’t been able to save money during the summer months or the school year, then you might wonder how you’re going to make a go of it at college. Thankfully…

How long have you been in the same job? In fact, scratch that. It’s not the right question to ask. How long doesn’t matter. It’s a matter of how much you’re making in your current job, and whether you’re satisfied with it. Some people stick to the same career level for most of their lives, but the generous paycheck ensures that they never find their professional routine dull. If you’ve been doing the same for a while and are desperate for a promotion to boost your responsibilities and wages, then it’s fair to say that you haven’t yet reached that level of job satisfaction. Unfortunately, you’ve probably noticed that asking for promotion can not only put you in an awkward position, but it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be successful in your quest. In fact, you need to build up your case to grow your paycheck dramatically.

Grow Your Paycheck

Play the office politics game

When there’s an office, there’s an office politics game. If you approach it unprepared,  you are doomed to fail. But if you know how to use politics to your advantage, you can get ahead in your career rapidly and smoothly. First of all, one essential rule to always bear in mind: Office politics shouldn’t be used to get rid of colleagues. It’s about knowing when to use the information to your advantage, without keeping a hidden agenda. For instance, you can hear about someone leaving soon and use the information to apply for their position. You can also forge connection at all levels of your company so that you can rely on their support when you need it most.

Get the skills you need for the job you want

Ultimately, you can’t boost up your salary if you don’t have the skills to land a promotion. The high pay jobs always come with an academic degree. In short, you might want to beautify your CV with a triple accredited online MBA degree, for instance, which can get you access to managerial positions. Make also sure to improve your understanding and knowledge of your industry sector, by following the news and reading targeted documentation and magazines. Theoretical competences are useless if you don’t add the necessary sector expertise.

Keep your performance on track

For your manager or the HR department to consider you for a promotion, you need not only to impress with your skills, but also to become indispensable to the company. You have to be the go-to contact for your area of expertise. One the one hand, it means working hard to achieve an elite performance. But it also comes with a significant advantage, which is job security. It doesn’t mean the company wants you to stick to the same position. It means they don’t want to lose you. Compare yourself the successful athletes who work hard on maintaining a strong discipline and a competitive mindset. This is exactly the attitude you need to go far within the work hierarchy. Needless to say, keeping tabs on your performance and results is the safest and shortest way to success. Don’t wait for the yearly review to improve your skills and inputs.

Every little thing you learn, about the office strategy, about new skills or about yourself is like a seed you plant to grow your paycheck. In time, you’ll get your own manager chair and desk!

Grow Your Paycheck




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