Insanely Savvy: Cutting Costs on Your Most Crucial Expenses

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As much as we hate parting with our beloved money that we work so hard to earn, we tend to accept the fact that the things we need the most in life come at a serious cost. However, many of us don’t quite realise the extent to which serious money can be saved on some of the luxuries that we enjoy most, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to highlight some of the things that we tend to spend big on and tell you how you can start saving lots of cash on them.


Buying clothes is an expense in life that doesn’t actually have to be too costly at all. There are many great clothing stores, both online and in person, that provide good quality clothing for a very inexpensive price. However, as many of us tend to pride ourselves on the nice clothes that we wear, we always seem to end up buying the clothes that we like rather than simply what we need. There is no problem with this, since it is within human nature to want to look as nice as possible, but this often results in us spending lots of money on clothes; money that could, potentially, be spent more wisely.

Thankfully, there are ways of being able to buy the clothes that you want and like without spending too much of your hard earned money on them. Free apps such as Depop allow you to buy clothes, often second hand, from sellers all over the world and more often than not come with a much more reasonable price tag. This way, you can still find a way to wear the clothes that you desire the most without feeling guilty that you spent money that could have been put to better use elsewhere.


Unlike buying clothes, the idea of going on vacation is one that automatically rings alarm bells for your pursestrings. Vacationing is a luxury that we don’t get to experience often, which is why we do our very best to enjoy the rare time off that we do not usually experience. And while a great holiday time is something that is always going to set you back somewhat, you should always look for whatever ways you can to prevent your expenses from getting too severe.

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One typical expense of going on vacation is travel insurance. Of course, travel insurance is a necessity in this kind of situation, but you should always do your utmost to minimise the costs as much as possible. For example, if you’re travelling from Singapore, comparing travel insurance options on a site such as could allow you to find the most financially viable insurance option for you, and could really benefit your finances in the long run. This is just one of many ways that your precious money can be saved while you plan to go on vacation, and these kinds of financially savvy decisions can have you counting your blessings whenever you are required to start opening the chequebook again.


Possibly the most vital expenses of them all, the food and other living items that we purchase regularly are effectively what allow us to survive every day. Nobody will complain about having to buy food, although the cost of our groceries may leave us without the desired amount of disposable income that we like having in order to buy items that make us happy. Supermarkets are aware of the need to cut costs, and there will always be special offers on certain items in stores designed to save the consumer money, but what other ways are there of saving money on groceries?

Buying groceries in bulk is a method that is often seen as the most frugal way of going about shopping in supermarkets. Buying items that you need the most (and that can be preserved) in huge numbers reduces the need to regularly shop for them and will more often than not save you money in the long term. While the initial costs may be higher and some amount of planning may have to be done, in the long term you will be thankful for the amount of money you have saved on your groceries.

The things in life that we need the most are probably never going to come to us for free and will always require us to spend the money that we work for. Despite this, there are so many ways in which we can save funds on the expenses that are so valuable to us. While certain savings may not seem too much, they all add up and in the long-term you can find yourself saving hundreds, if not thousands on important expenditures.

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