How Difficult Is It To Engage New, Sustainable Clients?

There are a number of fundamental reasons why people borrow for smaller business operations. For fledgling and start-up businesses, this will likely be for the purchase of working stock and equipment or to provide a reserve of working capital. For…

How difficult is it to engage new, sustainable clients? Well, marketing is increasingly important for this, in a world of fractionated attention and suitably quick sound bites. Potential clients are finding it easier to tune out the noise of modern marketing efforts, as they have done for decades prior. The modern world allows for greater reach of marketing tactics, but also potential methods of guarding against them. Ad blockers, premium services that nullify your ability to reach targets with advertisements, and the general over stimulation of bright, intelligent marketing packages have all tempered the modern mind.

Sustainable Clients

For these reasons, marketing is now an exercise in care and not over-stimulation. Minimalism is key, and digestible. The modern mind is not what it was even twenty years ago. It demands different stimulus, and an ability to meet this will often lead your campaign to success. What’s required here is a careful analysis of the ideas and perceptions that culminate in advertisement response, and how best to cater to this. Without the ability to apply this fervent self-examination, and e-commerce 101 understanding, it’s likely your marketing campaign will be shooting blanks, and shooting into the dark for that matter.

Businesses function in the same way. After all, businesses are comprised of people. No matter how intelligent or qualified the board panel is, when it comes to finding B2B potentials, the most grabbing, rationally explained and those that paint a bright horizon will be responded to emotionally, before being tempered with the boardroom mind.

From a content perspective, here is what you should be looking to provide:

The Solution

Marketing is here for one reason and one reason only. To promote the person, business or event taking place. It hopes to do this within certain parameters and variable nuances, but this is the stock attitude that generates all decisions you make. For this reason, it pays to know how to present yourself in a positive light. A good way of doing this is to provide the customer with answers before they even know they need them. This allows you to take the steering wheel in the rational logic of the situation you promote.

A business has their own problems. They need to know that you will fill their aims reliably, and on the periphery. You will be minimal, you will care about the facts first, and you will respect the same of the firm hiring your organization to perform.  This means that minimal facts, simple infographics, and calming peaceful music are key. You need to cut to the core of why you can provide, and then orient yourself as the answer. This dynamic of cutting open the problem faced by the potential client and then filling it with your solution will hit the bullseye of what the firm is looking for. To do this successfully, you need to be completely aware of what you’re advertising, and the common flaws often discussed in the industry that you’re targeting.

This helps your advertisement effort visibly place its finger on the pulse. This demonstrates many things. First, that you have no need for overblown explanations. Your competence is such that you can adapt to any circumstance you find yourself in. This saves the hiring business man hours. Next, you need to guarantee all nuances of the role will be covered. You can list a few extraneous responsibilities that your firm excels at to help it seem concerned with the details. Next, you need to conduct deep research into the most important and presently significant considerations of the industry. You can do this by:

Advertise To The Top Three Firms

For this, we need to use an example. Consider that you are marketing towards a beverage drinks company. You could conduct marketing research on all the companies in your area, or even further afield. This information would take years to fully collate however, and could leave you feeling somewhat drained at the end of the effort. If you manage to advertise to the top three firms, you’ll find it much easier to collate and ideal marketing package targeted to them. This will apply to the hopes and dreams of the smaller firms around them, allowing you to provide an idealized perspective of what you hope to offer.

Even if there’s no chance of this being seen by the top three firms in a niche industry, you can be sure that the benchmark of success set by the smaller firms will calibrate with this package. This allows you to offer a customized and perfected marketing offering, something that allows the small business leader to see past their current limitations and to the far horizon of what your firm is offering. Even with the smallest of businesses this can work.


Of course, engaging new clients isn’t as simple as appealing to them and generating interest. At some point, you will need to capitalize on this. This requires a little extra work, and even more investment in the firm before you hope to secure a lucrative supplying or servicing deal. Often, B2B profit is not generated through single sales like the regular market, but through lucrative long-term dealings that benefit both firms from the get go. This means that extra investment is more than warranted.

We’d recommend considering the salesman pitch. In a world of bite size infographics and minimal graphic design, sometimes the personal, real touch can make a world of difference. To apply for a job sometimes the best method is to walk into a business confidently with your resume, shake the hand of the boss and hand him/her your resume. Investing in a personal visit will allow you to personally show the potential client why exactly you hope to provide them with that service. You can bring your portfolio, your potential product list, and preconducted research depicting why you would make a great choice. Provide all the answers and strong, research backed statistics in how you could save them money compared to the other services on offer. This allows engagement in a world where filling out your email address and conducting digital surveys isn’t enough.

With these tips, you can be sure to engage new clients.

Sustainable Clients




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