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One of the main reasons why many people are afraid of investing is that the entire field seems a bit obscure and even scary to someone who has had no education in trading and business in general. It seems that you are bombarded by terms you do not…

Gold trading can be a complex and broad yet very interesting topic. If you are trading gold for the first time, it’s crucial to do as much research as you can before diving into the deep end.

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Want to trade gold? Read this advice first.

Trading gold is a little like trading forex. When trading gold, you want to incorporate a mixture of technical, fundamental or sentimental analysis. Before you begin, it’s important to find out what the main trading strategies are so you can see which one best suits you.

Gold Trading Strategies

Trading gold used to be much trickier than it currently is. Nowadays, gold can be traded in a variety of ways and it’s pretty much the same as trading with foreign exchange. If you use a spread-betting platform, trading gold will be similar to the act of buying and selling depending on the market trends of gold prices falling or rising.

The main strategies are: 

  • Fundamentals
  • Technical
  • Sentiment

With these core strategies, many experienced gold traders can agree that incorporating all elements of the above analysis is a great way to trade. A great way to start trading with confidence and security will be utilising fundamental and sentiment analysis that can help pinpoint key trends. This should be combined with knowledge and looking at the price chart and various patterns that give you key indications of enter and exit strategies.

You can trade gold using technical analysis by noticing the market conditions of the gold price chart and how it alters throughout the years. The key factor is to match the technical gold trading strategy to the conditions of the market. This way, depending on what trends you spot, you will be able to use different strategies such as momentum. On the other hand, if the chart is range bound, then it may be best to utilise a low volatility strategy.

If you want to get much more in-depth and sophisticated, there are various forms of analysis you can use such as the Elliot Wave, Fibonacci retreatment and momentum indicators to help you determine the future trends and movements.

As you can see, it’s a combination of elements that help you build the bigger picture when trading gold and this will ultimately help you do so with confidence.

Gold Trading




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