Four Cost-Effective Ways to Keep Safe Online

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Hackers are using increasingly sophisticated methods to gain access to data, bank account details, and private systems. For the finance sector, this means it is more important than ever to ensure that online security is as robust as possible. Unfortunately, there is a cost attached to many of the leading technologies that can improve online security, and that cost may not be manageable for smaller firms.

Personal Accounts Safe

In cases where there are not enough financial resources to afford more secure online defenses, the priority is to ensure online security without the price tag.

In 2020, this is more achievable than ever.

Follow these tips for cybersecurity that will have a positive effect on your ROI, and give cybercriminals a reason to move elsewhere in their search for more vulnerable victims.

Separate Work and Personal Accounts

One of the easiest ways for hackers to break into the accounts of a business is to go through personal profiles. If you’re running a fintech startup from home, then your home address does not need to be on your website. It’s these kinds of details that hackers are looking for. Keep your personal and business details separate and you create a barrier that is harder for cybercriminals to breach.

Privacy Settings

It’s easy to ignore privacy settings, and some people even prefer to leave their settings as open as possible so that they get the targeted adverts that marketers love. However, just as brands want to know more about you, so too do hackers.

Enable your privacy settings to as high a level as possible and your personal info and business details will be much more protected. This is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to give your online security a boost.

Stay Updated

Hackers do not stick to the same tactics year after year, and you shouldn’t rely on outdated security measures. It’s vital that you keep up to date with the latest tactics used by hackers if you want to be able to recognize when you are under attack. Sign up to cybersecurity newsletters, or simply initiate a Google news alert for cybersecurity issues.

When everything from phishing scams to brute force password hacks evolve, so too should your defenses.

First Line of Defense

Your firewall is one of your most valuable assets when it comes to protecting yourself online. Don’t settle for the firewall options that come included with your basic hardware. This is a common mistake, and can leave you increasingly vulnerable as those basic options quickly grow out of date. Ideally, you want a cutting edge firewall option like, which comes with all of the support that you’ll ever need. If you are still relying on your old router for internet access then you are at risk.

Make sure that you know the major risks, and that your basic security measures are in place at all times. There are many ways to give your cybersecurity a boost, and many of the most useful methods are cost-effective and quick to implement. Fail to adopt these practices, and your business and personal data will be easy pickings for those with malicious intent.

Keep Safe Online




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