Expand Your Payment Gateway By Adding Bitcoin To Your WordPress Site

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Every ecommerce website wants to have a good selection of payment gateways for their customers’ convenience, and with Bitcoin growing in popularity, why not show some forethought and set up your site to accept the leading digital currency as payment for your online products? It might have escaped your attention, but you can sit down in a trendy cafe in Melbourne and pay with Bitcoin, and with more and more people seeing the sense in cutting out that traditional third party we have always needed to make an online transaction. Indeed, banks are terrified that they will lose a large portion of their business, and who can blame them, as Bitcoin is more than just a cryptocurrency, it is also a payment system that ticks all the boxes.

Adding Bitcoin

Bitcoin Payment System

Using a Bitcoin payment system like Bitpay, your website payments in Bitcoin will be transferred to any given bank account, and the provider will also pay you in your preferred currency. Alternatively, you can download your own Bitcoin virtual wallet and start learning how to buy Bitcoin from a reputable online dealer such as Paybis, which, for many small businesses, is the preferred solution.Pretty soon, your suppliers will accept Bitcoin and rather than using a third-party bank or credit card company, you can transact with anyone you wish, saving you both time and money. Once you have a Bitcoin virtual wallet, you can now configure your WordPress site to accept Bitcoin, which might be as payment for products, making donations, or renewing subscriptions.

Configuring WordPress

Woocommerceis a major provider for ecommerce WordPress sites and by creating an account with them, or another provider, you can then add your Bitcoin account in the payment gateway options. If you are looking for the best place to set up your virtual Bitcoin wallet software, an online search for established Bitcoin dealers will take you to a site that has everything you need. You can buy as much or as little Bitcoin as you want to get started, and this is enough to set up your website to accept Bitcoin as a payment.

Maximises Your Chances Of A Sale

Some folks do not like to use their credit card online, while others are unhappy with the cost of bank transfers, and by adding the next generation of payment systems at an early stage, you are showing the world that you are moving with the times. By adding Bitcoin as a payment option, you are ready for the inevitable move to digital currency. The experts are saying this is the beginning of the end for traditional, traditional paper and coin currencies, which are merely promises to pay an equivalent value of gold.

Complete Trust

The reason why Bitcoin works so well as a payment system is the built-in high level of trust, which is essential when two parties who do not know each other, do business online. This Internet-based public ledger of Bitcoin is unhackable and once the transfer has been made, that amount of Bitcoin is transferred to your ownership, and that can never be changed.

Accept Bitcoin and maximise your chances of an online sale, while at the same time, sending out the message that you move with the times.

Expand Your Payment Gateway By Adding Bitcoin




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