Easy & Affordable Ways To Share Your Family Stories

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Collecting and creating memories through photos is one of the best ways to stay connected with the family. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, promotion, getting a new job, vacation or even funeral, photos can help you preserve the memories and stories associated with it forever. Sharing these memories with your loved ones is easier now given the technology has advanced so much.

One of the best things about living in the current digital age is that you can use various apps to save and share your family stories. It is not just about uploading photos, and sharing; you can also add effects and make it interesting in so many ways.

Here are some of the best apps that offer easy and affordable way of sharing your family stories:

Family Search Memories App

Apps have become a very effective ways to store and share photos. Family Search Memories App is one of the best ways to upload photos, videos and stories in one place and share them with your family members. It is an effective app that allows quick upload. You can add many photos and videos and share them with others anytime you want. It’s a very time saving method and you can easily access the photos and videos on your phone.


Blogpress is an effective way to share photos, videos and stories with multiple people using a blog account. It is a very handy app and you can connect to your blog through Google. With this app, you can easily create a blog post with photos and videos and share them with the people you want to share. Another great thing about this app is that people can contribute to the blog and you can control who gets to access the post. Another useful feature is the option that allows you to publish the blog into a printed book so that you can have a physical book of preserved memories.


If you think you know how to use Facebook and its features and there is nothing left to learn anything new, you might be wrong. Most people don’t think Facebook as a super easy and convenient way to upload photos and videos and share with the people you want. For instance, Facebook Groups are an effective way to share photos and videos with family members. Facebook even allows you to create stories, so it is very easy for you. Another great thing about the Facebook is that you can easily download the data stored in the account and save it. It is fast, convenient and cost effective way to share memories with the people who matter the most.

Capture Family Memories


Twitter is a limited-blog like platform that allows you to create content of around 240 characters. Now, this may seem like and absurd way to share photos and memories with family members, but there is more to it. You can create a 240 character description of any photos or videos and share them with your family members. It is a rather a very efficient way to create content and share. It takes less time and you can easily share the photos and videos and memories with family members who are on twitter.

Google Drive

Almost everyone has a Google account. It is one of the most versatile apps that allow you to upload and share vast amount of data with vast number of people. The free account already offers you plenty of space for you to upload photos, videos and memories and easily share them with other people. You can share a wide range of data like photos, videos, documents, presentation and more.  You can control who sees the content you are sharing. It is an effective and easy way to share photos, and videos with family members. You can access the contents anytime you want via your phones and laptops and other devices.


Pinteret is another great app that allows you to share photos and videos online. It is also one of the best ways to create family memories and share them with the people you love. You can create board, pins and categories and share photos accordingly. You can share them with people online and enjoy. Pinterest offers various features that allow you to edit photos and make them look great. There are so many ways you can make your photos and videos look stunning

using this app. You can easily access the app through your phone and use them conveniently anytime you want.

The Bottom-Line

Creating and sharing family memories via photos and videos is so easy with the latest apps and online platforms. These are the seven most amazing ways to share memories with your loved ones in an easy and time-saving ways. Try some of these apps and see the difference it can make to your life.

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