Benefits of a Local Insurance Agency Instead of An Internet Only Company

As a bike owner, you might know of the mandatory requirement to purchase a two-wheeler insurance plan. It is required in conjunction with the Motor Vehicles Act and all vehicle owners are required to buy one. However, a third-party cover is the…

Shopping around for a reliable insurance agency is not what it once was. With online quotes, comparison websites and easy access to information, it is possible to change your insurance company much more quickly and easily than in the past. Experts recommend, however, that choosing a well-trusted local company for your insurance needs may lead to fewer hassles and headaches in the long run.

Local Insurance Agency

5 Internet Insurance Pitfalls

Finding out you are with the wrong insurance company after you have need of assistance from them can turn any stressful situation into a nightmare. Sadly, today’s consumers frequently opt for the insurance quote that is the lowest with little thought to future ramifications. Five of the most unwelcome surprises customers find, when they do not have a local insurance agent who is familiar with them, and committed to their best interest include:

Speed and Ease of Decision – The increasing number of customers changing over to an auto insurance policy they can purchase online may be increasing simply because the process has become so quick and easy. In a matter of minutes, it is possible to have a number of quotes available. By filling in a few blanks, the process is set in motion.  This ease, however, often means that shoppers are skimming through the fine print at breakneck speed in order to complete the necessary questions more quickly. At this speed, many miss the fine print, the items that are not covered, and even those pesky add-on costs that are not divulged in large font in the initial quote.

Forgoing Important Information – For some reason, individuals seem to feel much more comfortable giving only partial information to a computer. This often means that important items are not listed on the initial questionnaire. Items such as previous car accidents and tickets. A potential customer will then be delighted by the dramatically lower cost of car insurance only to find that all of their auto-related records catch up with them before they make a first payment.

Attracting Spam Emails and Telemarketing Calls – In a day and age when every criminal seems bent on getting information, customers must be sure that shopping for comparison internet insurance quotes does not lead to a nest of spam emails and telemarketing phone calls. The best and safest advice is that shoppers should look to make sure a website is encrypted before entering any personal information. Some websites also have a security policy in place that can help to ensure customers that their information will not be sold.

Failing to Do a Line By Line Comparison – A line that many have heard quoted by a mother or grandmother says something about only comparing apples to apples, not to other oranges. The same holds true with online auto insurance. Customers who are looking for a fair and honest quote should be sure to review their current policy coverages, deductibles and limits line by line to make sure the amounts on the internet quote are exactly the same. All too frequently customers fall for the low price and do not seem to realize that they are comparing apples to oranges.

Lack of Communication Resulting in Cancelled Policies – There is much to be said about dealing with a real live local insurance agency. For instance, a customer typically knows exactly who to call with a question or claim. An online only insurance company may assist thousands of customers each day in various parts of the country. To them, customers are little more than a faceless policy number. Sadly, when there are miscommunications with billing or email addresses, an internet agency may have fewer qualms about canceling a policy that has not been updated or is behind on a payment.

Make Sure You Are Fully Covered

Simply put, auto insurance is in place to make sure you are covered, no matter what unexpected things may happen. By understanding some of the problems of shopping for online only auto insurance, customers can take precautions to ensure that their insurance is exactly what they expected it would be. There is truly nothing worse than being involved in an auto accident only to find out the many things that are not covered.

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