6 Personal Finance Blogs to Help You in Your Financial Endeavors

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Whether you are a small business owner, looking for new opportunities so your business flourishes, or you are concerned that your financial condition is deteriorating, finance blogs help you bottle up your worries.

Financial Endeavors

The internet is a vast territory. Since you are not familiar with all its nooks and corners, you may not find a decent financial blog, which is of some value. To help you out, I’ll list down some useful ones in this article.

Jeffrey Trull maintains this blog. It has an interesting theme. In Trull’s own words, “I use content strategy to help social businesses and nonprofits attract multiple times more leads, supporters, and revenue. The impact it’s had is amazing.” These lines indicate the blog is not strictly finance-centric, but business focused. Some of the popular posts on this blog are “After Graduation: Spending Your Newly-Pocketed Money Wisely,” “Simple Steps For Cutting Your iPhone Bill Down to Nothing.”

The blog owner is named J. Money. He’s quite straightforward about revealing his financial info. This recent post informs readers Money’s net worth. You have all the right to doubt the figure shared in the post, but there’s no denying that it’s a unique approach. Even if you are not money-minded, you can still find plenty of valuable information on the site. The tips given by Money can inundate new ideas in you other than helping you make a budget. Some of the motivating posts are “Working For Money vs. Money Working For You,” and “Looking For a New/Better Bank? Check out Simple.”

David Ning is the owner of this blog, who sure knows some of the best ways to manage money. For anyone out there, who’s looking for a personal finance guru, Money Ning is an excellent resource. The key areas covered by the blog are frugal living, money management and investment

There’s a section in the menubar area called Beyond Money; this section discusses why money isn’t everything, and the importance of friend, family and health more than money. The blog describes itself as “A personal finance blog where we share insights on carefully saving money, investing, frugal living, coupons, promo codes because the little things matter in achieving financial freedom!”

The blog has a hilarious tone, which attracts its visitors. Nobody wants to see himself indebted; the blog owner, who calls himself Ninja, knows that. The site’s favicon is a punching fist, so that everyone gets the message loud and clear.

By reading the blog, you’ll get to know how Ninja lives, what’s he’s up to, how he makes his budget and so many other things about him. However, you won’t be reading his personal logs, you’ll get informed as to how not to incur debt, a lesson that everyone needs to learn. Ninja is anything but a self-proclaimed finance guru. He’s just like one of us, only his ideas to beat debt down are worth giving a read.


If you haven’t visited this blog yet, then it’s your loss. One of the posts on the site goes by the title “Working together to pay down $10 million of debt in 90 days.” This title alone outlines the theme of the blog. If you are debt-ridden, or curious to know how to pay down a huge amount of loan in a short time, subscribe to this blog.

The owner of the blog is Jeff Rose. Jeff’s dad had to struggle all his life to pay off the debt. The struggles undertaken by him motivated his son to pen down tips and strategies on paying off debt. The Debt Movement claims more than one hundred bloggers and media outlets are backing it, and it gives away debt scholarship worth $15000.

Everyone wants to get rich, and they are not ready to wait for it. This blog, however, articulates why one shouldn’t hassle up and rather wait patiently for his turn to get rich. Earlier, it was single author blog, founded by J.D. Roth. But now, multiple people write for it.

The blog covers many issues related to personal finance. Its slogan is “Personal Finance that Makes Cents.” Some of the financial areas, addressed by this blog are the mortgage, CD rates, insurance, savings account, cash back rewards, balance transfer, etc. Since these aspects affect our financial lives, people visit this blog in hordes. We all use credit and debit cards. Many of us mortgage properties too. Get Rich Slowly is a must read for them.

None of the blogs will make you a millionaire overnight. You won’t be spared from bankruptcy either. The blogs will help you take the first step towards becoming a millionaire and give you information on how to keep your credits intact even after facing a bankruptcy. Hence, have realistic expectations from the blogs, and you’ll be leveraged to work on your personal finance.

You have any personal finance blogs you want to ad this list. Please add in the comment section.

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