5 Must-Have Features for Business Websites in 2021

Whether you’re a small startup business or a citywide brand name, there’s one key area that needs your undivided focus: your website.

Whether you’re a small startup business or a citywide brand name, there’s one key area that needs your undivided focus: your website.

That’s right. In 2021, owners and marketers across the globe accept the universal truth that websites have now become extremely important. It cannot be stressed how essential websites are for marketing your business to the modern consumer and driving your sales numbers skyward.

But without the right features, your website is going to flop – which will cause a negative domino effect across the rest of your business.

So, what the must-have features for business websites in 2021? Well, this article is here to tell you all about them! Sit back, open your notes app, and read carefully.

1. SEO content

In order to successfully place your website at the top of search engine results (like Google and Bing), your website needs SEO-friendly content throughout it.

Examples of this are blogs and articles that include keywords relating to your industry. It’s also important to know that a well optimized website (meaning one that is easy-to-navigate, user friendly, and loads fast) will be recognized by search engines and further driven up the results pages.

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2. A marketable and concise domain name

Modern, reputable businesses always have excellent domain names that are short, concise, and easy to market.

If you have a long and complicated domain name (without much relevance to your business or industry), you’re making life hard for yourself. Instead, you need to purchase the best domain name available.

Now, you need to know that purchasing domain names can often be expensive – particularly if they’re short and in-demand. However, if you can get yourself the domain name you want without going outside of your budget, it’s highly recommended you do it. The long-term benefits far outweigh the domain name figure.

3. High-quality graphic design

Graphic design is a booming industry, right now.

This is because, quite rightly, every business wants their website to look perfect; and the only way you can achieve this is through graphic design.

A high-quality graphic designer (or web developer team) will create an aesthetic and ‘feel’ for your website through their graphic design, which will ultimately engage and satisfy your audience. No one wants to visit an ugly and outdated design – they want modern sleekness with exciting design and graphics.

4. An online store

The biggest consumer demand in 2021 is an online store.

People love online shopping, these days – and some even prefer it to in-store shopping. It’s convenient, relaxing, and fun. Plus, there are no closing times!

So, your business needs to have an online store for your products and services. Providing your e-commerce platform is well-designed, executed, and marketed, it will drastically increase your sales.

5. Effective call-to-actions

Here’s a little secret: a lot of businesses (even big, global names) often fail to have effective call-to-actions on their websites. Instead, they’ll leave consumers mindlessly browsing their websites with no clear direction to the desired end location: the shopping basket and check-out.

This is why your website needs to prompt users, when necessary, to go to their baskets and the check-out area. The best way to achieve this is through efficient pop-ups and notifications – which are the ‘call-to-actions’. These will incentivize your customers to make purchases.

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