5 Businesses That Require Less Than $10,000 to Launch

There are a number of fundamental reasons why people borrow for smaller business operations. For fledgling and start-up businesses, this will likely be for the purchase of working stock and equipment or to provide a reserve of working capital. For…

A tremendous number of people have what might best be described as an entrepreneurial spirit. Indeed, most individuals probably have some degree of entrepreneurism in their souls and dream of owning their own businesses from time-to-time.

Businesses That Require Less

Many people never take any real steps towards realizing their dream of going into business for themselves because they have a number of preconceptions about what is involved in launching a startup enterprise. They think that starting a business is a highly complicated affair. Moreover, they believe that they cannot launch a new venture without a large capital expenditure. In fact, there are some businesses that can be started with relative ease, and with an initial financial investment well under $10,000.

Residential Home Painting Service

Even if you have yet to learn all of the ins and outs of interior and exterior painting, you might want to consider launching a residential home painting service. The reality is that if you have the basics down when it comes to residential home painting, you can master the finer points with relative ease.

The initial investment in starting a residential home painting service are truly minimal. Indeed, the supplies you need represent project expenses for your first job.

In addition to considering launching a residential home painting service, you might want to enlarge your focus to include both commercial-retail as well as institutional properties. Institutional clients can represent a solid base from which you can build a strong, profitable painting business. Institutional clients typically have regular needs for painting services. Moreover, the needs, goals, and objectives of many institutional clients are more basic and readily fulfilled than can be the cases with some higher-end residential clients.

Website Design and Content Development

Although the market is flush with website design and content development services, the demand for this type of professional assistance remains strong and increasing. Although it might sound like something of a cliché, there is always room for another talented, tenacious website designer or content developer.

The costs associated with launching this type of enterprise is minimal. In the grand scheme of things, all you really need to get your website design and content development business rolling is a reliable computer and a smartly designed website of your own.

Residential or Commercial Cleaning Service

With an investment in some basic equipment, and essential supplies, you literally can have the doors to your residential or commercial cleaning service open tomorrow. The demand for residential and commercial cleaning services has never been greater. Moreover, industry analysts predict that the demand for professional residential and commercial cleaning services will not abate any time soon.

One key consideration to bear in mind if you contemplate launching a residential or commercial cleaning service is providing niche services. For example, with surprising regularity, people find themselves in need of specialized cleaning services like crime scene cleanup, unattended death services, and biohazard cleaning.

At the present time, the crime scene cleanup, unattended death services, and biohazard cleaning niche is underserved. If you launch a residential or commercial cleaning service with an eye to serving these specialized needs, you will find your firm in high demand within what will likely amount to a short period of time.

Online Book Publishing

Technology has truly advanced when it comes to publishing in the 21st century. Indeed, advancements in this realm are so profound that you can start a online publishing with relative ease and with truly a minimal initial capital investment.

When most folks think of online publishing, they think of digital books and don’t venture much beyond that thought. In fact, if you want to start an online publishing company in this day and age, you certainly will want to include digital books in the mix. However, with today’s technology, you can do much, much more.

Thanks to tremendous advancements in the realm of “print on demand” technology, long gone are the days when you must order and print a minimum number of books. With today’s technology, you can have a book printed by a third party vendor each and every time someone places an order for a particular text. In addition, the costs associated with print on demand publishing has dropped dramatically in the past decade. What once cost $10 ten years ago in the way of printing a book on demand has not dropped to $3, and sometimes even lower.

Finally, don’t over look audio books if you are considering an online publishing company. Audio books are enjoying a renaissance at this time. You will definitely want to take advantage of the ever-increasing interest in audio books at this time as well.

Virtual Bakery

The online sweets and eats business is booming. If you want to ride an entrepreneurial wave at this juncture in time, you want to look closely at launching a virtual bakery.

The initial investment for launching a virtual bakery is not significant. Moreover, the laws in most states now permit the operation of home-based businesses that make prepared food items, including baked goods.

The key to success in the virtual bakery business is identifying your niche. For example, perhaps you want to launch in a market segment serving the vegan community. The potential market niches are innumerable when it comes to baked goods.

Ready, Set, Go

The first step in starting any new venture, including one that has no complex formation requirements and does not require a significant financial investment, is developing a meaningful business plan. No sooner would you take off on a road trip to a new destination without a navigational device or a map than you should take steps to start a new venture without a business plan.

A business plan need not be some complicate tome. Rather, it can be easy and straightforward. A comprehensive business plan needs to address issues like budgeting, marketing and promotion, and scheduling and milestones. There are even some fairly accessible and thorough templates that you can find for no cost online that can assist you in fleshing out a meaningful business plan for your startup enterprise.

Emily Kil is a professional blogger that writes about travel, family, and digital marketing.  She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, son, and two dogs.  When she’s not helping her husband with his bio hazard cleaning business, she’s RVing with her family around the USA.  She’s driven across the country five times, including an epic trip to Alaska.

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