5 Amazing Careers You can do With Postgraduate Certificate in Finance?

In high school, your stress might be as much about finances as it is about exams. If you haven’t been able to save money during the summer months or the school year, then you might wonder how you’re going to make a go of it at college. Thankfully…

Finance is a highly interesting and vast sector that promises a long term and stable career. Those who have a knack for numbers and are highly organised and analytical should definitely venture into this field. Like any specialised area, finance also requires continues learning for which students can opt for a postgraduate course. This way they are thoroughly trained for a wide number of career options within the financial industry and also outside.

Postgraduate Certificate in Finance

Postgraduate certificate in finance comes with an assurance of good job roles as they hone your knowledge and skills in a particular area. This, in turn, strengthens your potential making you more capable of taking on a varied number of responsibilities. Some brilliant work profiles that you can pursue with a post-graduate certificate in finance are:

Corporate investment banker

A corporate investment manager is someone who provides financial services to A range of sectors including corporations and government agencies. A keen interest in finance is crucial for this job along with the capability to understand the best means of generating and investing money. You will be required to manage various strategic and financial opportunities on this job position such as acquisitions, mergers, shares lending and more. A corporate investment banker is the one who develops financial solutions for clients and for this they have to be strong with numbers and possess an analytic bend of mind.

Financial Analyst

The job of a financial analyst is to perform financial forecasting and evaluate all kind of investment opportunities for clients. They are also required to give guidance on taking the right investment decisions which bring maximum profitability. For this purpose, they also analyse financial data and create viable models that help in the decision-making process. To perform this role with efficiency, you must have knowledge of all current market trends and investment opportunities within your area of concern. A financial analyst can be hired by a corporate, a government company, insurance firm and more. They can also be hired by startup companies that are looking for qualified financial analysts to assist them in decision making on how to choose long term profitable investments for the growth of the company.

Financial Adviser

A financial adviser is someone who advises clients on financial plans and strategies. This can cover areas such as investment planning, insurance coverage and more where one has to research thoroughly to find if an investment product will help client match their needs. You will also serve as a source of guidance for money management and can offer professional recommendations to help clients make more informed and profitable decisions. A financial adviser can choose to specialise in a particular area such as mortgages, estate planning, taxes, investments and more.


The job profile of a stockbroker requires one to manage the financial portfolio of the client. Your responsibilities will require researching the financial market, consulting with investment analysts and then advising the client, be it individual or a company, on making decisions that will bring them good returns. Staying updated with knowledge of financial and tax legislation is a must for this job along with good communication skills so you can effectively explain new investment opportunities.


An actuary plays a very important role in ensuring that an organisation has minimal financial risk. With the help of mathematics, financial and statistical theories, they evaluate any possible threat and then device ways to minimize it. This job also requires good communication skills as you have to present your findings to the organisation heads and even other businesses.

With a postgraduate certificate in Finance, you will be considered for many job positions that are stable, well-paying and have a valuable part in the business structure.





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