4 Practical Tips When Saving for Your Wedding

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So, you’ve decided to get married. As you look forward to the planning of your big day, the less exciting stuff like finding the money to pay for the most important day of your life can be a bit of a drag.

Saving for Your Wedding

It doesn’t have to be. By getting the best out of your budget, you may find cool ways to save some additional dollars for that honeymoon you’ve always wanted. With the average cost of a wedding in the US coming in at a cool $25,764 (excluding the honeymoon), it will certainly pay to be smart with how you spend. If you are looking at obtaining credit to pay for your wedding, online installment loans, instant approval, and getting what you are looking for may take some of the pressure off.

Additionally, these four tips can prove to be particularly useful.

Before Anything, Itemize What You Need

It will be rather tricky to figure out how much you need to save up if you do not know all the items involved in a wedding. So before you begin to budget and save, make a list of all the items and materials you will need on the big day.

Make your list as detailed as possible. Include even the smallest thing you can think of, even if it does not seem necessary to add. The small purchases are the ones that tend to add up and set you over budget, so be prepared as much as you can.

Think of all the stationery items: invitations, RSVP notes, save-the-date cards and don’t forget about thank you cards at the end. How about transportation – are you going full out with a limo or having family drive you? Don’t forget about all the little details like the types of flowers for the wedding party, gifts for those involved in the wedding and little items that help make the day that much more special.

Time to reign in the spending

We might as well start from the bottom. If you want the best day you can get, you will need to start cutting down on daily expenses. If you are planning on getting into the perfect wedding dress, start by cutting down on candy, pizza and alcohol.  A little sacrificing can certainly go a long way to driving your budget up to a level which you are comfortable with. There is nothing worse than underestimating how much money you need on your wedding day.

Be as realistic as possible

It is important to manage your expectations. While anyone can set a budget at $30,000, not everyone is going to be able to achieve it. Agree on a set budget with your partner, and calculate what it will take to achieve it. By combining income, and being realistic about how long it will take to hit your goal, you will have a much better chance of getting to where you want to go.

Being realistic also means knowing what is essential to the wedding, and what is a luxury. You want to have enough money for all the details needed to create the wedding of your dreams. But you still must keep dreams as a want, and reality as a need.

Set your budget

So you have finalized how much you would like to spend and have a list of everything you need. Does that list include the more significant costs like the price for the venue, catering, photographer, and of course, your dress, suit etc?

Now take that list and put it on a budget. Just like your itemized list, make your budget as detailed as possible. This is a great way to establish how much you are going to get from that final figure. With everything on paper, things will look clearer.

Ensuring there is a buffer of around 15% is also advisable. The last thing you need close to the big day is the stress of any last minute expenses. No matter how much you budget and prepare for everything, there will always be expenses that pop up you didn’t plan for. But by adding a little leeway into your budget, you will be as prepared as possible for anything thrown your way.

Preparing for your perfect day can make it that more special

While preparation is rarely exciting, when it comes to your wedding, it should be. You are the architect of your own day, so apply the attention to detail and meticulousness you deserve. Most people only get the opportunity to marry once, so make sure it counts. From the right venue to the perfect catering company, preparation is key. Booking in advance can also save you some valuable cash.

Don’t let your budget overwhelm you. That is why you are preparing far in advance.Taking care of the fine details will mean you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that you’ve done everything to make your special day one which you will remember for the rest of your life.

Saving for Your Wedding




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